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  1. Hehe, answered yourself. (Analysis and treatment of common problems) Automobile spray paint group: 1355596

    The paint film of the repair method to grind the paint film of the defective area, make a feather -like edge at the interface, fill the eye ash, and then re -spray the paint paint. Essence
    1 ◆ Shrinking ◆

    This description The paint film is half -light blur state. Observe with a low -twice large mirror observation, a large number of fine pores can be found. Sometimes the surface of the paint film shows signs of polishing.
    The reason is absorbed by the primer paint. b) Improper primer painting method, excessive primer, the type of scarcity, insufficient, or too poor quality used, mixing is uneven. c) Improper treatment of primer surface treatment, polishing treatment without waiting for the bottom paint is completely hardened. The sandpaper is too thick and the polishing method is improper. d) Spray the plastic paint without waiting for the bottom paint.
    This prevention A) Correctly handle the bottom paint surface. b) The thickness of the bottom paint layer should be appropriate, and the recommended dilute material should be used proportional, and it should be fully stirred before use. c) After the primer is completely hardened, the surface of the primer after polishing the surface should be flat and smooth. d) Spray enough thick top paint, and each tacor paint should be thin and wet.
    The repair method and other paint films are completely hardened, then smoothed and then polished. When the situation is serious, after the defective area is smoothed, the paint is re -painted.
    2 ◆ Slow/paint film soft ◆

    The description The drying time of the paint film is too long or cannot be fully cured.
    The reason the solvent in the paint is slow, the reason is: A) The paint film is too thick. b) The environmental conditions when spraying or drying are poor, too cold, too wet, or poor air flow. c) Insufficient flat time between the lacquer. d) Insufficient dosage, incorrect models, or too poor quality.
    This A) The spray paint film should be thin and wet. b) To keep the paint environment warm and ventilated. Avoid spraying at the conditions of over -dampness. c) Each lacquer must ensure sufficient flat time. d) Use recommended dilutes in proportion.
    The repair method to move the vehicle to a warm and ventilated place. Slightly heated to improve the dryness of the paint film, but pay attention to prevent the paint film from wrinkling.
    3 ◆ The solution foam ◆

    This described on the surface of the paint film just sprayed, and there are many small bubbles with a lot of diameter below 1mm.
    The reason is that the paint film's epidermis is quickly dry, so that air or solvent steam cannot be discharged in time. The reason is: A) The quality of the scarcity used is too poor and the volatile speed is too fast. b) The paint film is too thick, or the flowing time between the lacquer is insufficient. c) The pressure of compressing air is too low. D) The drying temperature is too high, and the heating source is too close to the paint film, overheating or premature heating.
    ) Prevention A) To ensure that the spray surface is absolutely clean. b) Use only recommended models. c) Each spray paint film should be thin and wet. There must be enough flat time between the lacquer layers. d) The pressure of compressed air should be adjusted to the specified value. e) Before heating and baking, you must ensure that there is enough time to flatten the air or solvents in the paint film. Do not exceed the prescribed drying temperature, and the heating source must not be too close to the surface of the paint film.
    The repair method smoothed the paint film, and then re -sprayed the paint.
    4 ◆ Water stains ◆

    The circular mark with a piece of diameter of less than 6mm on the paint film. Usually the color in the mark is slightly lighter than the color of the surrounding paint film.
    The reason the water droplets fall on the surface of the paint film and evaporate. The reason is: A) Before the paint film was completely hardened, it was dripped or splashed with water droplets. b) Rain or water droplets splashed on too thick polishing wax films.
    ) Prevent A) Before the paint film is completely hardened, it is necessary to prevent water droplets from falling on its surface. b) The protective wax film on the surface of the paint film must not be too thick.
    The repair method removes the wax film in the defective area, smoothed gently, and then polished. The above steps must be repeated. When the situation is severe, you can re -spray the paint.
    This holes are small holes on the surface of the paint. The hole may be concentrated in one place, or it is widely distributed on the surface level.
    The phenomenon analysis

    I. General reasons

    The pinhole is caused by solvents or moisture, which accumulates in the bottom paint layer or surface paint layer. Essence Or due to insufficient atomization during facial paint or primer. When the primer is affected by this, the cause of it is the same as the feather -like edge, but its primer structure is not locality rather than full -faced.

    ⑵. Specked continuously too thick and wet

    In after the thick and humid lacquer layer was sprayed, there was not enough dry time, resulting in the paint layer before the lacquer layer has not yet been not yet not yet. The solvents and air that can be reached arrived at the paint surface of the paint; if the solvents and air arrived at the paint surface and broke the skin, the outer skin industry of the paint layer has begun to dry, then this solvent or air is on the paint surface layer of the paint. The small holes caused by the top will never be recovered, and a pinhole is formed.

    n ⑶. Mixing the paint is mixing uniform

    When the paint is not complete, the air and solvents will accumulate in the bottom paint layer and cannot volatilize, causing unevenness to be uneven. Bottom lacquer layer. After spraying surface paint on this primer, the air or solvents accumulated in the bottom paint layer will be released to the surface paint to form a needle or surface rupture.

    ⑷. The diluted ratio is improper or the poor diluing agent

    It the evaporation speed of the diluents used is too fast, which will make the solvents in the humid paint film bubbling or boiling, causing it Plane conditions on the surface of the paint.

    ⑸. The surface is cleaned or handled in improper

    The moisture and moisture left on the surface of the bottom paint will evaporate through the surface of the top paint to produce pinholes.

    ⑹. Sprinkle gun adjustment or technical improper technology

    If due to the technique of adjusting or operation of the spray gun, the paint film that is sprayed out is too damp, or the spray gun is too far away from the working surface. Nearly, when the air was put into a humid paint film, the excessive air or solvents in the paint film were reached during the drying process, causing pinhole phenomenon.

    21. Bubble

    The small bubbles with countless small bubbles caused by the paint or the inner paint of the top paint. If the mandatory drying method is improper or the baking is uneven, there will be more deterioration.
    The phenomenon analysis


    ⑵. The selection of the diluent

    The diluent that is too fast to use, especially when it is too dry to spray, the air is trapped in the paint film.

    n ⑶. Too wet spray, too thick paint film

    The primer is too wet spray, or the natural drying time is too short, so that the solvent is trapped in the paint film Inside.

    The bubble prevention method:
    I. Do a good job of surface cleaning.
    工作. Depending on the working environmental temperature, choose the appropriate diluent.
    . Do not spray too much, the primer or top paint must have a natural drying time.
    This remedial method:

    If the situation is serious, grind it to the metal surface, and then spray again. If the bubbles are mild, then spray the bottom paint and top paint after grinding.

    19. Cracks

    Then a series of cracks like a dry pond. Frequent rules and irregular marks; often appear in top paint, and sometimes appear in the bottom paint.

    The phenomenon analysis
    I. The paint film is too thick
    : The paint material is not evenly mixed.
    n n. Every natural drying time is not enough.
    添. Improper use of additives.

    Crack prevention method:
    I. Do not spray too thick. Each channel must have sufficient natural drying time. Do not air dry with a spray gun.
    脚. Stir the soles of the soles of the soles and top paint.
    n. Add additives according to the label.
    Crack remedy method:

    This grinding parts until the surface is smooth and then repaired. In severe cases, remove all paint films until the metal surface is sprayed.

    . The soil contraction or cracking

    This is the phenomenon of cracking or pulling the surface paint film and the paint paint film in the repair area.

    The phenomenon analysis

    I. General reasons

    This surface surface, usually drying quickly, so it may occur after spraying the surface of the painting Or cracking, but in some cases, shrinkage or cracking will occur before spraying surface paint.

    ⑵. The surface is cleaned or prepared for improper

    . When the fine supplement is scraped on the undulating bottom paint surface, it will deform due to the release of the solvents. Causes the phenomenon of division or contraction.

    The method of contraction or cracking for soil supplement:

    This to remove soil in the affected area and spray a thin lacquer film.

    22. Paint surface pollution and dirt

    After the paint paint is sprayed, the paint surface has a foreign body or dirty dot. Perfect.

    The phenomenon analysis

    备. The equipment is poor, the paint room does not have positive pressure, the filter is used for too long or does not keep it clean.
    n. The coating itself is not really handled, especially the inner and outer corners.
    漆. The paint is not filtered or poorly filtered.

    This pollution and dirt prevention method:

    漆. The paint room is kept positively, and the wind speed is kept at 100 to 150 feet per minute.
    n. The coating is really clean.
    漆. The paint must be filtered first.

    The method of remedy for paint surface pollution and dirty points:

    The water -resistant sandpaper with water -resistant sand resistance at the number of No. 1200, and then polished with paint coarse wax

    (Basic knowledge)
    The main factors affecting the appearance of the car are three: the color of the car, the texture of the top paint, and the condition of the top paint. Especially the color is the basis for judging the quality of quality.

    (1) Factors affecting the color of automobiles: The definition and description of the color mainly include three concepts: brightness and color tone: brightness refers to the brightness and darkness of the color; Poinity refers to the intensity concentration of color, including intensity, concentration, saturation, ash, etc.

    In fact, different light sources have different effects on the paint, which changes the color of the paint. This is because the content of various color light in the light source is different. For example, some kind of paint contains blue ingredients, which may not be seen in the sunlight, but under the mercury lamp, it is very obvious. Because the content of blue light in the sun and mercury lamps is different, it may be seen in the workshop lighting. The color is good, but it is not good enough in the sun. The colors prepared under workshop lighting are related to the type of light used in the workshop. For example, the incandescent light will make the paint color red; the different fluorescent powder in the fluorescent light makes the paint color yellow or blue; cold white and soft white light can change the color of the paint.

    It the remedy formula is not exactly the same as the pigment formula in the facial paint formula used by the original car manufacturer. At this time It may not be the same under a light source.

    (2) Identifying the color of the original brand car: The first step of color matching is to obtain the primary color according to the paint code of the car manufacturer to reduce the paint formula of the repair and the original car manufacturer. Formula differences. The lacquer code of almost all brands can be found on the location chart of various car -brand paint code. You can buy repair color assembly on the city. This book includes color cards and pigment materials that almost read books with brands and models. First find the lacquer code of the car manufacturer, and the color card is next to the paint code. In order to stabilize, it is best to compare the color card with the color of the car itself, because some cars may have brushed other colors of paint.

    (3) Determination of the type of original paint surface paint

    ) Visual inspection method. If the epidermal tissue near the body's shape line is rough, or the "polishing tissue" appears after the paint surface is rubbed, it means that the original polishing paint is used.

    ) The solvent method. Use a white cloth dipped in a nitro paint easement (banana water) to rub the paint film to observe the degree of dissolution of the paint film. If the paint film dissolves and leaves the traces on the cloth, it is self -painted; if it is not dissolved, it may be painted or double -composed of paint. Acrylic polyurethane paint is not as easy to dissolve as spontaneous paint, but sometimes solvents can penetrate and weaken the surface luster.

    3) Heating method. First, polish with fine sandpaper dipped in water, make the paint film lose gloss, and then heat it with infrared light. If the passivation surface rejuvenates, it is an acrylic paint.

    ) The hardness test method. The hardness of the paint film after drying the paint film is different. Generally speaking, the hardness of the dual -group paint and paint paint film is higher than that of self -dried paint. The most commonly used method for determining the hardness and thickness of the paint film is to measure the electromagnetic thickness meter or mechanical thickness meter.

    (4) Repairing paint color calibration: According to brightness, color, and color, the process of determining the relationship between the paint and the car color is determined by the diagram, which is the color calibration. Color calibration is only meaningful when the car itself is compared. Master and apply the color calibration method, and at the same time, it can distinguish the differences in changes in brightness, color, and color.

    The color calibration table for metal glittering paint

    side light brightness □ some depth
    n n
    The side light tone □ partial blue □ partial green

    The car color □ partial yellow □ polarization

    . Color: shallow yellow

    The editors press the transformer to the Peugeot. Value Chief Engineering Mean

    402 white 336.0336.0

    452 yellow 49.0385.0
    n 451 shallow yellow 13.5398.5

    457 yellow or red 9.0407.5

    405 black 11.5419.0

    465 adhesive 3.71790.5

    485 balance agent 184.5975.0

    The color calibration is conducive to understanding the paint formula, which contains those coloring base materials. However, it must be noted that the color matching may not be exactly the same as the actual color of the car, because the noodle paint of all cars will gradually change with time, and some become lighter and some deepen. For example, the yellow color fades quickly. If it fades into beige, the pigment should be lighter; if it fades into green and yellow, then the pigment should be blue, usually darker.

    4. The color of the car repair surface paint

    The due to the different color components of the car's original paint and the degree of light, the degree of fading the car causes a large difference. For example: the car is stored in the garage that the color fades slowly, and the car parked on the roadside and under the tree fades faster; in the Northwest Plateau, the color of the car is fast due to the strong ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight; Due to the strong sour color color, the car has a greater impact. Therefore, in the process of repairing the surface paint, the change of fading paint should be considered. Generally speaking, the color of the new car has fastened the fastest color in the beginning, and it will slow down later.

    (1) Preparation before coloring: color adjustment is an important part of car repair paint color matching. The program can make a conventional program for the spraying process.

    The basic purpose of coloring is mainly:

    ) The subtle difference between the repair of the coloring paint and the car original paint makes the two match.

    ) Match the repair color paint with the faded car surface paint.

    3) In the absence of formula or paint, the car is mixed with car repair paint.
    The take a closer look. Knowing better than not.

    The car spray paint group: 1355596

  2. Car spraying is a work with strong technical and high requirements. To make the spray -coated coating obtained a flat, smooth, thick thin, and light -like surface, in addition to the high requirements for the variety, quality and the underlying foundation of the coating, the correct operation methods, spray technology and experience It is also very important. China's car paint is still mainly solid paint. Pure paint is not too demanding on spraying. However, with the continuous development of the coating industry, the variety of automotive paint has continued to increase. The application of metal paint and pearl paint on the body has grown rapidly, which puts forward higher requirements for the spraying technology of the construction staff of car repair paint.

  3. The first is that the proportion is not completely wrong. There is a possibility that the varnish is not a good variety that is the worst. If you do n’t speed up dry water, it ’s difficult to dry or even do n’t do it. I have said it after practice
    If it is not to do it. It is recommended to use the diluent to wipe off the second and then spray it. The back cover must be sprayed at
    and after handling it, then the interface may bottom out at
    mi can be used by actual experience. If the paint surface can be shoved, all of them can be removed and then grinded.

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