Candy is sold as a health product and a liar becomes a billionaire. How did they eventually be caught by the police?

4 thoughts on “Candy is sold as a health product and a liar becomes a billionaire. How did they eventually be caught by the police?”

  1. I firmly believe that everyone's health product fraud in the society is a deep disorder, especially for children. If you see your retired mom and dad, you buy a lot of medicines from the staff of the health products industry, it is also allowed Many children see the pain. After all, this kind of health product is likely to be all fake and shoddy products, and even the elderly's body does not have all health effects. It is undoubtedly a waste of their own money.
    Recently, the Huainan City Public Security Bureau of Anhui Province cracked a fraud gang to sell counterfeit health products. The personnel assets of 200 million yuan are even more incredible. Some people have earned 100 million yuan in one year. After all, this is a huge number. How can they guarantee it?
    The original scam staff is to see some people of middle -aged and elderly people. They are all optimistic about this kind of retired elderly people in a single situation after retirement, and there is a relatively stable pension income. This The retired elderly people invest in the intention of health and health are very obvious. Coupled with the language deception of the fraud structure, it usually prompts them to lose its main judgment ability, so it is more likely to be deceived.
    This structures of this scammer will have a set of technical scam sales words in addition to fraud, and they are all followed by step -by -step steps to slowly seduce the elderly people in it. It is helpless, and the purpose is to force this kind of old man to take out more money to buy health care products.
    In addition to that, the fraud staff is good at packaging. Whether it is online or even offline promotion, they are all handling together, and even find some enthusiasm to talk to the ethics. Believe it. And this kind of fraud molecular structure usually chooses non -toxic and harmless food packaging materials to be sold at high prices for health products, which will not cause diners to have side effects of human body. It also causes themselves to be exempted from the latitude. inconvenient.
    Soly, I also look forward to the elderly in daily life should maintain their vigilance. As a junior, everyone should urge their elderly to prevent them from falling into the trap that they are set by others.

  2. The breakthrough point of this case lies in the police Li Jie. One day Li Jie came to a village to visit, and inadvertently found a physical store selling health products in the corner. Since everything sold in the store has no labels, Li Jie's attention has been attracted. After investigation by the local police, a major secret of hidden secrets was gradually discovered. It turned out that a major scam behind these physical stores were hidden. Discovery this problem, the police did not arrest immediately, but continued to collect evidence. With the help of the police in various places, the major fraud gangs were destroyed, and a total of 26 criminal suspects were captured.

    The specific circumstances of the victim being cheated.

    Han Hongying is one of the victims. She couldn't think of the health products he spent a lot of money to buy. The cost was only a few dollars, and it was not helpful for the condition. When Han Hongying participated in the tour in November 2021, a member of the tour group claimed that he could watch free health live broadcasts on the Internet.
    Han Hongying's body is not very good, and the joints often hurt, so she asked how to listen to the class. Later, she was pulled into the WeChat group of the health class. And became one of the members of the course of the class. These scammers claimed that they were medical experts and had research on the various diseases of the elderly. Under the temptation of these lecturers, Han Hongying bought various health products. On May 27 this year, Han Hongying was going to listen to the live broadcast again. As a result, no one was online that day. It turned out that the suspects had been arrested at the time.
    What do I think about this?

    In older physical physical problems, some elderly people do not want to drag their children, they always want to buy some medicines to cure themselves. The scammers see this business opportunity and find something casually to find something. Medicine, exaggerating its propaganda, the elderly who need it is easy to be fooled. Through this incident, you remind you that you must care more about the elderly at home and go to a regular hospital for treatment. Do not blindly take some unknown medicines.

  3. The children of some elderly people found that these health products did not have a health care effect, so they reported directly to the police, and the police also successfully captured the scammer group.

  4. Before the arrest, the police had prepared the suspect's early investigation work. The police handling the case obtained the corresponding clues from the Internet channel. After the clues were directed, they began to visit on the spot. Later, after investigation, a inconspicuous physical store was found, which sold health products without health products.

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