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  1. 7 suggestions for tattoo artists in the ingenuity era:
    . Do not easily withdraw from this industry: Maybe your situation is not very good now, but with the current femininity of the female consumer market, the tattoo market market The orgasm may be coming.
    . Real -time update technology: never stop learning. When you find that your opponent's work is better than you, you should learn in time, master new methods, and help yourself improve your work.
    . Don't rush to pack yourself. The era of packaging has passed. Today, I must tell you sincerely that under the increasingly transparent trend of the tattoo industry, only technology is the root of retaining customers.
    . Don't open the store easily: If your store is already open, just keep it. If you want to open a store before you open a store, please be careful. If you really want to start a business, talk about cooperation or more reasonable choices.
    5. Please pay attention to post -90s and post -00s: The customer group of the entire beauty industry has changed, the post -90s have become the main force of consumption, and the post -70s have shown a significant weak consumption trend. The consumer army that cannot be ignored, review the consumption ratio of tattoo customers last year. Is this the situation? If not, it proves that you have not found the key to communicate with post -90s and 00s.
    6. Do not get injections in the store and make double eyelids: With the acceleration of the national legal system construction, the operations of all walks of life will become more and more formal, and engaging in medical cosmetic projects in life beauty places will become the object of strict beatings. And the intensity of this blow will be further aggravated. As one of the leading brands of the tattoo industry, the era of ingenuity has been advocating this, and always hopes that the industry will return to normal.
    7. Don't go to fake: In recent years, we have seen many peers claiming to be a national -level tattoo association, a certain national tattoo federation, and a national -level tattoo alliance in public. Founder or member, the nature of this problem is the same as the previous one. If you have not registered such an agency, please use it with caution. If you are not a member of a similar institution, please use it with caution. It will be lower than illegal medicine.
    The people lament that the tattoo market is becoming more and more difficult to do. But in fact, there are still many tattoo artists who earn money in this industry. They have never stopped learning, constantly refine their skills, and retain customers with perfect works. They have established a complete marketing model online and offline. The problem of fewer customer service and poor returns allows themselves to have an endless business.
    Therefore, the tattoo industry has never lacked opportunities, but it depends on whether you can recognize the air outlet and seize the opportunity. In the ingenuity era, I will give you technology and help you to expand your guest! Waiting for you to join!

  2. How can we become tattoo artists? This video teacher teaches you to become a detailed step of tattoo, you can do it

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, in my personal point of view, tattoo is a very limited occupation. Many times are not understood by outsiders. Perhaps it is because of the hype in recent years. So many people think tattoo is a very good project. Doing tattoo is really good. But how much is the professional tattoo room and how well you operate? I think a large part of their income comes from the benefits of the cooperation division? But now that you choose tattoo, you should make a reasonable plan. Because many people can earn millions through tattoos a year, this is a fact! There are many people who earn hundreds of thousands a year. Why is there such a situation? It is because people who make money through tattoos have good planning. Don't simply think that the plan must be written on the book, nor is it like a work report, the first, second step. Essence Essence planned. The plan should be, the tattoo artist must first understand how much he knows about tattoo? After that, based on your actual situation, if you open a shop, then the tattoo should be a project of your own instead of all. If you do n’t have any point, then do you want to go to a beauty salon cooperation? But don't believe it easily, who can help you find a store, you can find a lot of stores for you. If that's the case, I believe that such a good opportunity will not give you. They will do it by themselves. You have to have such channels and learn how to cooperate. This is your own fundamental. However, the cooperation division must be packaged in the personal image, and the size of the popularity. Because after all, after cooperation, they have to share money with each other. The price is too low to make money from each other, and the intention of natural cooperation is not so great. What's more important is that each store is certainly less than the relatively beautiful skin care for tattooing. So the increase in price is an important link.

  4. Do a good job of a tattoo artist to break through themselves from these aspects:
    1. The technology is the core. You have to learn more lessons and lessons. The effect of presented in the later period is good, and customers are satisfied with the best.
    2. Marketing must be done well. Marketing not only brings customers the source, but also allows others to accept recognition of you and does not cause any disgusting. In this way, it creates its own reputation. Essence
    3, packaging, tattoo artist is too needed to pack, how to pack it is more professional without exaggeration, you need to move your brain.
    4, occupational literacy, product selection and qualifications formal qualifications, carefully disinfection and hygiene, and bring positive development to the industry. This is what every tattoo artist should do. Trust.

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