How about being a golfan in Zhengzhou, will it be tired? I want to do summer vacation, can I, 18 years old,

3 thoughts on “How about being a golfan in Zhengzhou, will it be tired? I want to do summer vacation, can I, 18 years old,”

  1. The summer vacation is not acceptable to the training that does not understand the internal behavior. The work of a caddy is also very complicated. 1 Master the simple and commonly used golf rules
    2, familiar with the pillar map and code pile of the stadium
    3,,, Will drive the ball
    4, the basic wave theoretical basis of the swing
    5, can repair grass leather and fill the sand pit
    6, can see the green push rod line
    7, can be familiar with each branch, can be familiar with each branch The performance of the club and the approximate strike distance
    8, master the common terms of golf
    9, familiar with the local rules of golf etiquette and the stadium n10. n
    The income

    month income is about 1000-1500 yuan. In addition to personal tips, the minimum of the southern stadium can be guaranteed to guarantee 4,000. Don't look at the high salary and are afraid that the bodies who can not eat bitter body are not suitable for this job. On the peak season of February, the salary is very high. The high golfers who are obsessed with at work on the rainy day will also play according to the rainy days. Most of the stadiums are driving now, and people who dare not drive in motion sickness are not good. On average, they appear at least once a day. When there are many people walking for 7 kilometers, it takes 4 hours, and sometimes it appears twice in the peak season. It feels hard to cooperate with the guests for about 4 hours to cooperate with the guests for a while, and it is difficult for guests who encounter poor guests without ball
    Human connections; more understanding of the operation management of the court, which is helpful for the promotion of positions in the golf industry in the future. In fact, I ca n’t encounter any nobles who are entrepreneurs CEOs and other people who do n’t talk to you Xiao Cui. Do n’t think that I have encountered homosexual ghosts. Everyone who has no ball virtue is not good at natural balls and will not play well. Polluing elegant and distinguished leisure sports must be clever and randomly respond to the eyes. The professional and high -level salary of tens of thousands of high -level clubs are comparable to that of stewardess. I am talking about the ordinary club high -end club. Only members can play members. If a million pole is in case, if you touch it, you will lose your family. I have happened several times. I have hit the car and throw a ball and hit the ball. It is almost a pit. It's half a while. In short, this is not a very simple working landlord, or use the holiday to review your homework or relax and relax the work. Experience the most important money of life and wait until graduation to make a relaxed relaxation of learning. The platform, I sincerely hope that friends can actively participate: help others and grow wisely! Group number 34368485

  2. It's very hot, not too tired. Most bosses will give you a tip of 100-500. If you are smart and well-behaved, you can receive 2 groups of customers every day and learn to drive a battery car! Zhengzhou Nishi Ridge recruits golfs for free! In addition to picking up the ball, you have to play, but you do n’t want to do it!

  3. In fact, it ’s a good look of people. Is it the day and day after tomorrow ... Of course, this is to make a lot of money. Generally, it will be good at golf Guoling. ···· The caddy is a more tiring thing ... but the income is generally at least 4000 a month in this summer

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