5 thoughts on “Catering is always recruiting all year round. Do you know why?”

  1. Foreword: We often see many people in some catering companies who recruit many people in some catering companies, and have never stopped recruitment. However, their interviews are very large, which actually indicates that their departure rate is very high and the staff flow is large. For employees, the cost performance is not high. Catering is always recruiting all year round. The main reasons are the following 3 points:
    1. The working time is long
    The restaurant industry has been operating from morning to night, and some are even open 24 hours. It's about to get up and prepare. It ’s normal to go to work at 8 in the morning. It is only an hour of lunch at noon, and then busy until 6 pm. If it is a small business, you may have to be busy until 8 o'clock in the evening, at least 10 to 14 hours a day. There is not much rest time, and there is no entertainment time. Many staff members take a bath immediately after returning to the dormitory, and then fall to sleep. There is no nightlife. Apart from sleeping, it is a job.
    2. Large work intensity
    The work in the catering industry does not need to have too high technology, but the strength of the work is still very large, and work in many basic positions. If the store is large, the business is good, and the table is high, then the staff will not be busy at all. The hair will become chaotic, panting, and the feet are numb, but they are still criticized by the leaders too slowly. If the store is small, the staff may have to do a few jobs at the same time, such as washing dishes, washing vegetables, serving, rubbing the table, and so on. The staff basically cannot stop and rest. Even if you go to the toilet for more than 1 minute, let alone play with your mobile phone.
    3. High work requirements
    The requirements for the catering industry are clean, hygienic, and fast, and enterprises have various assessments, so employees are forced to do many high requirements. For example, if you wipe the table, take 3 different rags, wipe more than three times, and you cannot leave water droplets, and there must be no dust at all. After the guests are served, the staff must respond within 1 minute without allowing the guests to leave the guests. These requirements look very reasonable, but if the store is busy, it is difficult to really achieve standards.

  2. Because the staff of the catering industry is very liquid and the employees are not stable, catering is always recruited all year round.

  3. Because the work of catering is very tired, and as a service staff, it is generally necessary to bear the difficulties of customers with low quality and cold water splashed by the boss. Now the post -90s generation is very arrogant. Lack of people all year round.

  4. Because their treatment is not particularly good, their requirements for employees are very high, and many people can't do it long in these places.

  5. Because these companies need a lot of people and have a lot of liquidity, they are always recruiting workers all year round.

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