Fast -Stock Industry Terminal Visiting Talk and Skills: Practical skills that can land on the ground after reading

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  1. What industry is sales? He is a great potential and challenging profession; the threshold is not high, but the gap between Niu people and Xiaobai is huge. FMBTET terminal visits and skills.

    In the terminal visit, we were rejected by the shop owner. I reviewed it, the terminal visits and skills of the fast -moving consumer industry.

    We can find the rules through the different reasons of the bosses, and we can summarize the terminal visits and skills of the fast -moving industry terminal.

    . The first visit

    is very important for the first visit. Do n’t have a mentality too much. We must communicate with the customer with a service attitude. Shelf, look at the product date, make a reminder or replacement of the future product, and sort out the wide publicity materials ... Although there is no performance in charge at the beginning, you may scold you, but you can tell you what you do with your supervisor The supervisor can also understand that all came here.

    . Repeat visits

    During the first visit, we must register some information on the store, such as the product registration, inventory registration, display surface of our product, Registration, and information registration of competing products.

    . Before the next visit, look back on the information recorded. When you go to the store, continue to do service first, but this time you can find the opportunity of sales based on the information recorded before.

    The proposed replenishment item if the lack of product is missing. If it is out of stock, according to the sales volume, the number of orders (1.5 times the security inventory) can be used to quickly increase the customer by replacing the futures product to quickly increase customers. Love, there are a lot of things later.

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    This is the shell on our struggle. Talk about the ideal of life, and share

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    Thinking a lot, so thinking has become a burden, no massive monsters, upgrading, even if you give you good equipment, you can't get it up. FMBTET terminal visits and skills.

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