1 thought on “2022 The lamp market will face a lot of challenges”

  1. After the rectification of the real estate industry in 2021, many small and medium -sized real estate companies have closed down. This industry has unemployed personnel. It has reached nearly 10 million people. Many people leave the real estate industry and enter other industries.

    Why are you not easy to do? The specific reasons are:

    1 Real estate rectification, survival of the fittest, the market space becomes smaller, and pay more attention to product quality and service quality.

    The demand for home buyers becomes smaller and the market is narrower.

    2 lacks the spirit of actively contacting customers. Sitting in a lamp shop all day long, when you rely on, those who stay in the rabbit will become more and more bleak. Most of the previous lists belong to a hammer. After the sale, after the money is collected, you can finish it. There are no follow -up services, no follow -up survey.

    If said, the owner of the service before, add WeChat, and regularly return to visit. Ask their loved ones, friends, and colleagues, do they have lamps? Give them some benefits at that time.

    3 Real estate unemployed persons have entered the downstream industry of real estate. A large part of those who have unemployment from real estate have entered the downstream market of real estate, such as lighting and lamp industry. Everyone wants to make money.

    4 The product is single, and there is no update. Without investigations, there is no right to speak. Most of the houses are now bought by the post -80s and 90s. Everyone's aesthetic concept and home requirements are different.

    . Therefore, it is best to pay attention to the latest brightening products market, participate in some home exhibitions, and see the latest lighting lighting products. Learn about the latest market and update your products in a timely manner.

    . Therefore, the lighting industry in 2022 will be difficult to do, the demand is small, and the competition will be fierce.

    I just talk about my personal opinion.

    How to do, how to make money, you have to rely on yourself.

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