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  1. How to raise a kitten cub? In fact, the newborn kitten should try to eat breast milk under the care of the female cat, because the too small cat's immune system has not yet matured. For them, the outside world is very dangerous. So it is best to stay with the cat mother.
    Os how to raise a kitten cub? If it is a stray cat or a cat mother, it must be kept warm. The kitten who is just born is very low immunity. At this time, the minor illness may also ask them for their lives.
    Os how to raise a kitten cub? First of all, you have to prepare a cat's nest and spread the cushion. The kitten who leaves the cat mother is very lacking. You can prepare a plush doll to let it be next to it. The existence of the cat mother is not so lonely!
    Os how to raise a kitten cub? The cats of the two weeks can not eat cat food, because the teeth have not grown well and the digestive system is not mature. You can use a pills or syringe to feed goat milk. Here you must say that you must not feed milk and fresh milk. Cats are lactose intolerable animals, and drinking milk will be diarrhea.
    . Some fans had kindly picked up a kitten before, but fed milk. As a result, the kitten was not good for drinking probiotics. Finally, it was weak! Therefore, cats can only feed goat milk or pet milk powder, and you can also buy some kitten milk cake for kittens to lick and eat!
    If a cat has soft stool, you can feed some probiotics to regulate the stomach.
    The cat can be deworming and vaccine for three months. Internal and external deworming can be carried out at home. You must choose a regular pet hospital for vaccine. One week after the insect is vaccinated, cats cannot be dipped in water. Vaccination is important to cat's health. Don't ignore it!
    The kitten's personality is relatively naughty and difficult to take care of, so the shoveling officer needs more tolerance and patience to guide and take care of the cat!

  2. If you do n’t have weaning, buy some milk powder or milk to feed it in weaning, and then feed cat food or some animal organs to grow normally. Pay attention to taking some vaccines for it. As for what vaccines, you can go to the pet shop to consult.

  3. The kitten you picked up first went to the pet hospital for a professional examination to see if there was his own disease. In addition, you needed to repel the kitten. Safety, supplement enough nutrition.

  4. When you see a kitten on the roadside, you want to raise the best. You need to take it to the pet hospital for an examination to check if there is any disease, and then take a bath to ensure that you can raise this kitten.

  5. Little milk cats have to feed sheep milk powder, not milk, little milk cat can diarrhea if there is no way to digest the milk, feed it with a bottle, and go to the pet hospital for a look.

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