Beijing March 17, 2021 The latest Universal Studios Recruitment Comprehensive Property Maintenance Technicians are there five insurance and one gold?

1 thought on “Beijing March 17, 2021 The latest Universal Studios Recruitment Comprehensive Property Maintenance Technicians are there five insurance and one gold?”

  1. Beijing Universal Studios currently recruiting and maintenance technicians in Beijing include: equipment maintenance technicians. It is to pay five insurances and one fund.
    Equipment maintenance technicians:
    The job summary:
    The main equipment execution equipment reliability plan maintenance task in the theme park to achieve safety, reliability and operability improvement. The equipment is predicted and inspected through technologies such as thermal imaging, ultrasound, pressure, vibration, and oil product analysis, and prediction and maintenance of the amusement machinery system.
    The qualifications:
    5 years of resolution experience, including more than 3 years of prediction and maintenance or reliability experience
    Educational background:
    Religious engineering, mechanical engineering or material engineering college degree or above Essence Undergraduate degree priority
    extension information:
    Position responsibilities:
    understand and abide by corporate policies, comply with workflow and training plan, actively participate in environmental, health and safety construction, ensure that all team members and guests are Safety. Take a proactive way to treat security issues, such as performing continuous work safety analysis, using personal protection equipment, and discussing safety issues with the team regularly. Set the goal of security improvement for the team, provide guidance to ensure the achievement of the goals, and convey all the goals to the team.
    This with the supervisor formulate the oil sampling process and sampling plan, and continuously optimize, including the follow -up of oil sampling collection, tool management, oil samples to third -party suppliers and oil sample reporting progress.
    The implementation of prediction and maintenance plans to identify potential fault risks. Different technologies are required, including heat image inspections, ultrasonic inspections, pressure examination, vibration analysis, etc.
    The entered data and continuously updated to the device reliability panel according to the device diagnosis phenomenon.
    The cooperation with the equipment maintenance department and the support department, optimizing the equipment maintenance plan, so that the equipment can reach the best life cycle and reduce the shutdown time.
    Reference information Source: Beijing Global Resort official website-work opportunities

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