1 thought on “Can pet cats eat bones (can cats eat bones)”

  1. 1. Can cats eat bones.

    2. What is the reason why cats eat?

    3. Can cats eat the meat in bone soup.

    4. Can cats eat the bones in the bone soup.

    1. No.

    2. First, the bone has no nutrition, the meaning of feeding is not great, and the feeding bone will also increase the risk of cat constipation.

    3. Second, the bones of some animals are relatively hard and sharp. In addition to being difficult to digest after feeding, it is possible to scratch the cat's gastrointestinal tract, which will induce intestinal bleeding, intestinal perforation Waiting for severe diseases.

    4. Third, it is recommended to feed on pet food such as cat food, canned cats, and do not feed people's food.

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