6 thoughts on “The trouble of a cat, please answer ~ QAQ”

  1. Xiaobai [a white -eyed], not to talk nonsense! As the owner of Luban, I have to clarify that the bed is bad and there is a sound because the quality is not good! That's it, this is the truth! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection In other words, Luban [narrow your eyes ... stare], never know if you can hypnotize cats, or try ...? Loss with hypnosis ... Eh?

  2. The abandoned Luban is so pitiful. Essence Essence
    Mushing Xiaobai should lose weight. , Luban, do you want to come to my house first? It ’s lonely to keep the empty room [yawn]
    can take Lili^
    Actually I also want to break the bed. Essence Essence Essence

  3. Zhan Zhao is too heavy, right? Tell him to lose weight ... if you don't change the bed ...

    The easiest way to let Zhan Zhao enter the house ...

    Lily you you Where is it ... [Calling]

  4. Is Luban who came to me for a few days, eh? [Pick your eyebrows and smile
    This lion is a half of my pets. If Luban dares to disturb me with the two people who live with Ce, I don’t mind sending you to Ding Ding to practice your sensitivity, and I will I know about it, and I will know Prepare the wedding of Lily and the lion as soon as possible [Smile

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