1 thought on “What are the varieties of black cats with blue eyes?”

  1. Oriental short -haired cat: Oriental short -haired cats are lively, curious, like to climb high and play with people; bravery, will not be so sensitive and scared for noise or other peripherals; like coquettishness.
    I Siamese cats: Siamese cats are world -renowned short -haired cats, and they are also representative of short -haired cats. Siamese cats: long -haired Siamese cats, also known as Bali or Java cats. Snow shoes cat: Snow shoes cats are a short -haired species produced by hybrids in American short -haired cats and Siamese cats. Bali cat: Bali cats are long -haired variants in the Havana cat population. They evolved from individuals who naturally produced from Siam Cats born in the United States.

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