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  1. Cat.
    Cats (scientific name: Felinae), cats are animals, are more widely of pets in the world. Cats, round heads, short faces, five fingers of the forelimb, four toes of the hind limbs, sharp and curved claws at the end of the toe, the claws can be expansion and shrinking, have night walking, agile movement, good jump, most of them can climb the trees, hunt in a ambush method, Catch other animals. Cats are distributed in the world (except for Antarctica, no wild species).
    The panda body is fat -like bears, plump and rich, with a short head round tail, the head body is 1200 to 1800mm long, and the tail length is 100-120mm. Weight 80-120kg, the most heavier can reach 180kg. The panda raised is slightly heavier. Generally, male individuals are slightly greater than females. The head and body are black and white, but black is not pure black, and white is not pure white, but black and brown in black, white and yellow. The individuals in the Qinling area are large, the body hair is rough, and the belly hair is slightly brown. Shan Shan (especially Qingchuan Pingwu) is small, and the body hair is thinner than the former. The brown brown of the abdominal hair is not obvious, but the individuals of Liangshan are not small.

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