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  1. It can bite, but it is usually gently and will not hurt you. If you really bite, it is definitely not intentional. My kitten once bit my hand because it was like a lunatic in this goods. I fed my cats to eat, and she knew using her tongue. The kitten would only bite with my mouth, and as a result, my hand was used as a food, and I bite it directly. Since then, I don't have to feed him to eat. There is another reason for cats to bite people. It is the attack. When it is dangerous, such as being caught and struggling, they will get up.

  2. When the cat grows teeth, it will definitely bite. I saw that it was endless with my hind foot. Researchers at the history of cat development have pointed out that cats do not eat people just because they are smaller than people. Terrible? But maybe it is called the heart of cat slaves, who makes it a little master. In the process of cat teeth, I especially love bite, including many other bites. At this stage, the love bite should be particularly prominent. When you grow up and bite people, you will converge, especially when you bite you, you emit a pitiful mourning. I also tried to bite me and I bite it. As a result, I felt internal injuries when I got my mouth. It is said that the precious varieties of foreign cats have raised several generations of cats, and they will be less bitter. But his master and slave could not choose. It was here, and it was here to bite you. Take it, kneel down.

  3. There is a difference between a cat to bite. It depends on whether the cat is really biting or fake. However, the cat's teeth are pointed, and it will inevitably hurt when biting. In fact, some cats will attract the owner's attention by biting people. At this time, the cat may be bored by the cat to play with her, and I want to let her play with her, but the cat can not speak by itself. Tell the owner by biting people that he was calling him. However, we do n’t have time to play with a cat all the time. If you are conditions, you can raise two. The two cats will be accompanied by it. They will not be particularly lonely, and they will not always be entangled with the owner. You can also buy some toys. It is best to have sounds or only the best, and the ball. Cats are so -called for the ball. Most of the cats love to play balls, and cats are more interested in what they can move. When the cat really bites, it may be that the cat is angry, or the cat that has just been raised will only occur. Sometimes when we play with cats, the cat hurts the cat, and the cat will bite. At this time, we stop touching the cat. However, cats that bite people like this are really not suitable for raising. As long as it has the possibility of biting people, this habit cannot be changed. However, it is a bad habit to bite a cat. When the cat is to bite himself, you can spray it with water with water. When the cat is afraid of water, when spray it with spray, the cat knows that he cannot bite people. If it is sprayed, it will not bite people. If you can use lemonade and other irritating water to spray cats, it will be better. However, if a cat bits, the owner must not hit it, the more disobedient the cat will be hit, the more you bite.

  4. Cats bite people in stress and catch people with claws. Under normal circumstances, it is docile, and even goes to your feet, Lai Yangyang is lying down, stretching his limbs to sleep. I raised a cat, although I shoved, feed, take a bath, play with it, gave it delicious, let it sleep on my bed, sometimes I caught me, the calf and hand were caught. A small mouth, but not bleeding. Cats are more afraid of water. When you drop water on it, it runs quickly, sometimes even catching you. When it is excited, don't touch it or tease it easily, and it is easy to be caught. It may be because it is good for it. Sometimes it comes to catch you, or scratch you with your paw under the stimulus, but it is very light, and it hasn't bleed yet. Every time I caught it, I just need to "hush" for a lifetime, and it immediately shrinks back and looks at you vigilantly. I also bought it for the funny cat stick and the bell. The cat likes to play with these, especially the Dingling. The cat pushes the bell by himself and follows him. In fact, the role is the opposite. You are good to it, and it is meekly listening to you. There is a funny cat at home, haha.

  5. Cats of course can bite people, and it is the kind of caught off guard. I often tease my cat. Sometimes, just touching the head or something, it is quite comfortable to look at it, and then ... just come. It's just that the difference between cats and dogs is that some dogs bite when they see people, most of which are when you don't touch it; and cat bite is mostly when you touch it or touch it. Cats are generally cold. As long as you don't touch it, or show what you want to touch, it is too lazy to ignore you. By the way, when cats eat, especially when eating meat or small animals, do not approach it. At this time, it is very aggressive, but in this case, a warning sound is usually issued.

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