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  1. 1. Alarm, police can negotiate and deal with, the result of the negotiation may be half a person, or the seller may bear the majority, but the probability of full retreat is not high. 2. Take a picture and contact the local journalists (you can open up the momentum first, threatening the boss, generally say that the boss will be more deficient). 3. Next policy, make trouble in the boss's shop regardless of his personal image, so that he could not do business a day until it was resolved.
    The timeline has been available from 2016 to 2018. Due to the lack of the domestic animal protection law, the victims not only cannot protect their rights and interests, but also have no complaints. The black -hearted pet store still sells sick dogs without hesitation. If we have animal protection laws, what will happen? last month.
    The reports from the Taiwan Dynamics Insurance Division to the public, and seized a hidden illegal breeding farm near Zixin Road in the Three Gorges Mountains. Although it is called a "breeding field", it is actually just a dark and crowded farmhouse. There are 50 breeds and 6 stray dogs. Not only are the feeding environment messy, the dogs have not hit rabies vaccine.
    The dog cage is randomly in the mud, the air is very turbid, and 56 large and medium -sized dogs are crowded in one place. Among them, there are not only small Chihuahua, butterfly dogs, and poodles, but also the border shepherds, mastiff dogs, and wolf dogs with large body shape and large active volume. The situation of these dogs is very bad, not only hairy hairs.
    The nails are too long, and there are skin diseases that have skin diseases. Even the vocal cords of 5 dogs are removed. In order to prevent the dog from making a cry, the owner of the dog field is so cruel! The owner of the dog said.
    5, and the pet shop with people through the pet shop. "After the pet shop was closed, these dogs stayed. And the farmhouse is still applying for a license, "after passing, you will apply for a specific pet property permit."
    sounds like a story of affection? However, the conservatives found a breeding record in the farmhouse. The owner of the dog said to make a set, obviously to avoid weight. In addition, there were also unusal animal medicines, surgical equipment and medical appliances that were not used at the scene. He had done medical behavior on dogs.
    The Xinbei Dynamic Insurance Office believes that the person in charge of the dog farm has not been permitted to breed dogs without authorization, does not apply rabies vaccine for dogs, and engaged in animal medical behavior privately, etc., and fined 1.18 million Taiwan dollars in violation of the "Animal Protection Law". However, the owner of the dog field expressed his dissatisfaction or administrative lawsuit against punishment, arguing that the dog was only left by the pet shop before.
    The is not intended to breed for sale. After hearing this case after the Taipei High Administrative Court, he believed that he had no permission to reproduce the dog without permission, and the seized quantity was more than 50, less than 100, and the first time in 5 years. 10,000 yuan, and it was not improper to order the suspension.

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