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  1. In 2008, a cartoon named "Sweet Private Cat" welcomed a big young man in Japan. The story revolves around the interesting life of the kitten Xiaolu in Yangping's house, and the content is warm and laughing. The animation has caused a great response in Japan. Now its single -line comics are released to the fifth volume, and there are excellent sales of more than 1 million units, including the majority of readers who like cats.

    Cats are quite popular pets in Japan. There are not a few Japanese families who raise cats. Japanese pet shops offer a variety of cat food for the owner to choose from. In addition, the style of pets, collar, toys and other products with delicate and cute styles is also available. Some enthusiastic cat owners even take their love cats to take a bath and cut their hair regularly. Seeing the happy life of "sweet private cats", the status of Japanese cats can be seen.

    The love for cats can be said to have a long history. Out of the existence of cats, the concept of recruiting cats started in Japan. Natsume Soseki wrote the book "I'm a Cat", and the protagonist "Cat" in the book said, "I now understand that everything that makes things in the world is indeed money. The power of being able to play money flexibly, except for the capitalists, there are no other characters. "It seems that" I am a cat "explains the plots of some Japanese and cats.

    The origin of the origin of the cats. There are many legends. The devout Japanese established a cat temple throughout Japan, and a cat festival is also held every year. The more famous Cat Temple includes the Hide Temple in Tokyo, the self -temple, and the Western Temple. The moving story of saving people.

    This cats as the prototype are also our familiar machine cats. In March 2008, the Japanese Foreign Minister personally announced that the famous Japanese anime image "Doraemon" (machine cat) became Japan's first "Anime Cultural Ambassador", which will introduce Japanese customs to people around the world in the future. This deeply popular animated character became a ambassador symbolizing Japanese culture.

    . The webmaster of a unmanned ticket train station in Gushan County was actually a real kitten. The kitten "A Yu" from Guizawa Line, Kisawa City, Wudshan County, was promoted to the webmaster by He Gushan Electric Railway Company in January 2007. He was later promoted to "Super Webmaster" for his excellent work and received it. A appointed letter. This mixed yellow cat grew up at Guizhi Station. It wore a hat of Wa Goshan Electric Railway and watched quietly and greeted it with enthusiasm and freshness.

    In Japan, cat -shaped decorations and daily necessities are also very popular. The popular Katie cat is the best example. The Japanese love cat plot is strongly reflected in all corners of social life. In the eyes of the Japanese, cats represent the meaning of gentleness, obedience, auspiciousness, etc. This impression has left a deep -rooted trace in his heart. Perhaps this is the direct reason why the Japanese love cats.

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    Anyway, I like cats anyway, so cute, hahaha ~~
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  2. Because cats can come to Japan with auspicious animals
    It like a Snake China in the Elements India in Thailand! Intersection Intersection Intersection

  3. The Japanese have special feelings for cats
    The Japanese think that cats are spiritual creatures, the embodiment of the gods, and can attract wealth and marriage
    All of them are related to cats

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