2 thoughts on “Will the cat pet shop with cat plague be cured?”

  1. meeting.
    Cat cat plague can be cured. Cat plague, also known as cat white blood cell reduction syndrome. The main clinical symptoms are sullen, loss of appetite, vomiting and dilute, and laboratory tests of cat plague anti -primary positive, white blood cell counting, etc.
    The disease often occurs during the kitten period. In terms of treatment, it is mainly antiviral, anti -infection, and correcting electrolyte balance. The kitten stage must also pay attention to thermal insulation, so as not to cause the cat to die at low temperature.

  2. Our pet shop here can only take a bath, sell some pet -related products or something, do not cure disease, I asked my little three flower cat plague, we also did not have a professional pet hospital here. Later After buying the Chinese medicine meow steadily, the rural cat's resistance may be stronger, and the cat recovers health for a week. Now you can take it to the square every day to walk around

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