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  1. Cat's skin disease is the most common disease in veterinary clinical. There are hundreds of diseases. Cat's skin diseases have primary diseases, such as picnic bacterial disease, Noka bacteria, chigger mites, etc. Hair -bottomed hard skin diseases caused by canine plague, allergic dermatitis caused by various parasitic toxins and skin damage caused by allergies of drugs. There are acute, purulent dermatitis, such as honeycomb wovenitis, urticaria, but most of them are chronic passages, such as tumor, germination, and hemophilia. Some skin diseases are closely related to nutritional factors, such as lack of tobaccoic acid, lack of vitamin B1, and some are closely related to animal endocrine disorders, such as hypothyroidism, adrenal cortex dysfunction; some are purely genetic defects or congenital development Disposity, such as nasal eczema, Keli nose, pects, Felle's four -link disease, and incomplete arterial ducts. There are also some organ system diseases responding to the skin, such as systemic itching and thyroiditis caused by interior nephritis. Some even appear on the skin, such as fragrant beanins, mercury poisoning, uremia, etc.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! 1. Common symptoms of cat skin disease 1. Just like the flea allergic dermatitis we usually see refers to the red pimples or wounds that the cat slowly appeared after being bitten by flea. If it is infected with bacteria, it is called flea allergic dermatitis in this case, which is a more common cat skin disease. 2. A kind of a ringworm that happened on the cat is a type of a ringworm that appears on the cat's ears at the beginning, followed by the head. When eating animal dandruff tissue, it often causes cats to be unbearable. Therefore, when the kittens constantly scratch their ears and shake their heads, the cat owner must attract attention. At this time, cats and cats It may have produced scaby skin, ulcers, pustules ... This is already very serious. You must quickly send it to the hospital for treatment! 3. Another is that the athletes are easily infected with ringworm before the cat is one year old. For more special mold, the symptoms are the cat removed. The hair removal area will present some irregular shapes or mixed scales and some scars and even some allergic small pimples. If this happens, you must isolate cats, especially children at home. If this condition is found, it is necessary to quickly treat the development and development.nAsk the cat's large cats after being injured.nIs it a skin disease?nAnswer Hello! Cats were injured, and hair loss was normal. The skin of the cat's injury will be damaged and hair loss. If a cat is injured, you must first deal with the cat. You can check whether the cat's wound is serious. If it is not very serious, you can help the cat to deal with the wound at home. Let ’s share some measures to help cats to deal with wounds with cat owners. The owner can go down to see.nDear, it is normal to lose hair after being injured.n3 morenBleak

  3. Common skin diseases of cats include bacterial skin diseases, immune abnormal skin diseases, metabolic skin diseases, external parasitic skin diseases and fungal skin diseases. A fungal skin disease is the most common in cat skin

  4. Everyone who raises cats knows that skin diseases should be the most headache for our parents. The most common thing about skin diseases is the small red pimple on the body, and it is very itchy. The scratching skin is damaged. Crusted, the most serious thing is that it will lose hair. It really feels distressed to watch. Since my cat has a skin disease last time, our family has always been prepared by the shelling bath and the skin. The effect of use is very good.

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