4 thoughts on “Where can there be cats in Shenyang?”

  1. Hello: The stray cat and dog rescue foundation of Zhuanhua Township, Shenyang City, Shenyang City
    Base Location: The west side of the Goryeo New Town, Shenyang City
    Driving routes are: Dinghua Lake entrance to the direction of the construction of a prison. ...
    Blip u003CBus> route: 329 u003Crenaburi routes> to the west side of Gaoli New City to get off at the west side of Gaoli New City. Shenyang Chihiro Pets Rescue Base, rescue, adoption, adoption, all free, all scientific breeding, excellent living environment, raising alone, avoiding cross -infection, and fighting injuries.
    It hope to help you!

  2. I just adopted a
    is the
    and a
    still there is still there. No one adopted
    dark raccoon cat patterns, It should be 4 months old, very cute
    , but at that time I chose a relatively honest

    The pet shop on the road on Shenliao Middle Road, Tiexi District
    is on the opposite side of the Ocean Charm Hotel
    Calling the dog's temper
    If you think it is too far
    I think many pet shops have adopted cats
    ? Because cats are not as good as dogs Volkswagen, there are not many people who like it
    . There is also a pet hospital with a small family in Wencui Road
    Part of the stray cat rescued by the owner
    should also be adopted

    In finally hope that you will receive a kitten back
    The pet shop is also unhappy in the display cabinet.
    It hope you can give it a warm and happy home

  3. At present, there are many stray animals, especially dogs and cats. Professional rescue agencies are not currently organized by some individuals or some people in the society. At present, we urgently need the state to set up some special rescue agencies to adopt these wandering animals. If you can't find a rescue agency, you can give these cats to friends and relatives who like kittens. This is a good way.

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