3 thoughts on “Which brand of cats for cats is better? How many needles are avoided?”

  1. After 3 months of cats, cats were used to get the first needle, and I had to do insects before the first needle, worshiped in the body, Flean in vitro, the kitten had 4 stitches, 3 stitches cat plague, 1 stitched dog, second Just get 2 stitches in the year

  2. After three years of "exploration" in the cat industry, I recommend you a vaccine called "Miao San Duo". Cat infectious rhinopitis and cat embedded cup viruses caused by cat nasal conjunctivitis, with a wide range of disease prevention, and have been proven by a number of examples, high safety. My cat has just ended for the first time, with a total of three stitches, one needle at 8 weeks, one needle at 12 weeks, and one needle at 16 weeks. Then I also used the deworming medicine product that I also used, called "big pet", which was very effective.

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