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  1. 1. The castration is to reduce the number of stray cats and avoid stray cats from being displaced.
    2. The pets after castration will be healthier, and the life span will be longer.
    3, the petting personality after the castration will become docile, reduce bad habits such as outing, howling, urination everywhere, etc., which greatly becomes more intimate with the owner. Good character.
    4. Avoid diseases on the reproductive tract.
    Extension information:
    If feeding cats Precautions:
    If it is a newborn kitten, be sure to breastfeed. The kitten cannot only drink pure milk, because the cat lacks enzymes that digest, and lactose intolerance cannot digest milk. Drinking milk will be thin and indigestion, which is fatal for the kitten. It is best to choose cat milk powder for cats.
    In help kittens to urinate in the same time, after each cat drinks milk, or every 2 hours, you must help the kitten excrete. If you are a newly born cat, you need to hand -stimulate cats to urinate.
    The cat nest prepared for the kitten should be dry, ventilated, warm, hidden, and darker. You can put the carton or rattan basket in a hidden place, spread a soft cotton pad, and the cotton pads can be covered with small urine pads. Cat's body temperature, prevent kittens from cold.
    The larger cat, you can eat cat food, supplemented by cat milk at the same time.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-castration
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cat

  2. There are advantages in the favors of cat sterilization, and sterilization or sterilization are dangerous for health. The most important thing is that castration is a way to manage cats. For stray cats, the number of control is extremely important. For varieties of cats, castration is also an important means to choose preparation and protect blood.
    Cats can generally be in estrus for six months. Although the basic female cats are not sexually mature at all, they can still be estrus and mating if they have the opportunity.
    Different from humans, cat's conception rate is almost a hundred.
    Because the cat is matched first and then ovulated, when a male cat and female cat staying together during the estrus, the final result must be a nest of kittens.
    Thenats, at least three to five, or even more than seven.
    It will start estrus after six months, and cats are unmanned ethics. Brothers and sisters, and even parents and children. When estrus, all cats to be matched will become the object of mating to alleviate Their "fertility"!
    So this is the source of the cat's sterilization.

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  4. Because he was afraid of being run away by the cat outside, the estrus would be called or pulled at home, and accidentally gave birth to a baby to raise a bunch. Essence Also, cats will reduce some diseases after castration.

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