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  1. Why do cats love to sleep so much? First, cats eat meat. Carnivorous animals can retain physical strength without prey, so sleep longer. Relatively speaking, the animals that eat grass need to eat a lot of low -calorie foods, so it takes a lot of time to take ingested food. In addition, sleep is the goal of meat animals, and they have almost no time to sleep.
    Whether it is carnivorous, grassy, ​​or omnivorous mammals, it tends to sleep bigger and shorter. Because the basic metabolic rate of large animals is low, that is, the unit weight consumption is less energy, so in order to allow the body and brain to rest, the sleep time does not need to be too long.
    For example, in mammalians, the campass can sleep for about 22 hours a day, while the wild elephant can only sleep 2.5 hours. Of course, this statement cannot be completely accurate, just like a small bat in North America, just sleep for 20 hours a day.
    This sleeping time will also change with seasons. The colder the weather, the longer you sleep. In addition, cats raised indoors are more comfortable and their sense of security is sufficient, so they sleep longer than cats living outdoors.
    Is cats dream? The cat's 1 sleep cycle includes a fast eye movement and a non -fast eye movement. The duration of the cat's fast-moving sleep is very short, about 5-10 minutes; instead of fast eye movement sleep is from light sleep (about 15 minutes) to deep sleep (5-10 minutes). A total of about 30 minutes. A sleep cycle is performed multiple times and performed several times a day. And human sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, usually 4-6 times a night, that is, 6-9 hours.
    The performance during light sleep: the head is slightly raised, the two front legs are bent, lying on it, dazed, sleeping, muscles are not completely relaxed, and the response to the outside world is faster, such as a weak sound or sweet food They can wake them up. If nothing can make them interested, often sleep on their stomach and enter lightly.
    The performance of cat sleeping: In a comfortable environment, you will lie down and show your abdomen to sleep. Almost all muscles are in a relaxed state. He will no longer respond to external stimuli and enter a relaxed sleep state. When the frequency of brain wave frequency and brain also starts to decrease, in order to keep warm, that is, the brain drinks the body and removes tiredness and is resting.
    This may be expressed in dreams: sleep is related to the mechanism of dreaming. In fast eyes, the cat's limbs, tails, and beards sometimes shake, sometimes meowing dreams, and sometimes opening the third layer of eyelids to sleep. At this time, cats may be dreaming. This phenomenon of cats is very interesting, I believe many shit officials have seen it.

  2. Because the body temperature of cats is higher than normal people, sleeping is to reduce the workload of maintaining the body temperature. My cat is cute and sleeping.

  3. Because the cats under normal circumstances have to sleep for more than ten hours a day. My cat likes to sleep very much, and I can sleep for about 20 hours a day.

  4. My cat also likes to sleep. The cat is sleeping for twenty -four hours a day. The cat's habit is to sleep during the day and activities at night. However, the cat's cat will sleep less during the day because of the owner's habit and sleep with the owner at night.

  5. Because cats are rarely exercised, and there are many chemical factors in the body to promote cats to sleep, my cat also likes to sleep

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