5 thoughts on “How can there be a dog in Tianjin?”

  1. Baoji Pet Market, there are various pets here. Cats, dogs, hamsters, lizards are all available. Selling fish on the first floor. Selling cats and dogs on the second floor.
    Address: Tianjin Heping District Baoji Road Geely Garden Commercial Building (not far from Nanjing Road)

    Wang Chuanchang's pet market, mainly selling cats and dogs, the scale is not large
    Address: Jinzhonghe Street, Hebei District (Tesco diagonal)

    has a flower, bird and insect market near the intersection of Shengli Road and Founding National Highway, Hebei District, and many cats and dogs are sold every Saturday and Saturday.

  2. There is a special edition for 100 days on holidays for reference. Because except Caozhuang is more formal, some other semi -underground transactions.

  3. Recommend a
    Yushu dog base base
    now the largest dog breeding base in Tianjin
    R N I have been to
    Thenchu ​​varieties
    The price is lower than other places
    In guarantee that there is no disease

  4. What dogs do you want to buy? It is best to buy a person who does not buy a dog dealer. One is expensive, and 2 is afraid of unhealthy. It is recommended to publish it online

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