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  1. . The cat's nose has long spots
    The cats will also be deposited with spots or moles such as spots or moles because of their age. Essence And this kind of spots have also been given a professional name, that is, simple freckles -like moles.
    This cats are actually caused by a benign pigment skin. The cat's long spots are not painful or itchy, and the cat can not feel it, so the cat may not find himself in his life. The appearance has changed.

    . What is the cause of the cat's long black spots?
    1. Increased melanocyte activity in the body
    The simple freckles -like mole of the cat's melanocyte activity in the body causes pigment deposition. Usually it can also be used as a signal that cats are growing old, which also suggests that the owner must take care of the cat carefully!
    2. The influence of genetic genes
    This also has a certain relationship with hereditary. The most often appear on cats with orange genes. In addition, it can also happen on creamy and silver cats.

    . What is the characteristics of simple freckles -like moles? rn出现大约为1-10mm的斑块,并可能会不断变大;呈圆形或者是半圆形,也有少部分患猫会出现不规则形状,斑块扁平或者稍微有点隆起;颜色It is yellow or brown spots; as the age increases, it can increase; it usually appears in the cat's lips, noses and eye areas, and sometimes it may appear on the meat pads of the cat.

    . Will the disease transform into melanoma?
    In most cases, freckles will not be transformed into melanoma for no reason. But if the plaques have the following symptoms, this needs to be paid attention to. For example, the surface of the dark spots is raised, and the edge shape is _ paste; there are symptoms such as or with the symptoms of itching redness and swelling, the owner should take the cat to see the veterinarian in time.

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