5 thoughts on “Which companies can bring pets to work?”

  1. As far as I know, Xiaohongshu, Xiaomi, and Easy Pet companies allow employees to work with pets, and Ali will open on Ali. After all, many people now have pets and put pets, especially dogs at home, and employees are also worried. Bringing pets can allow employees to concentrate on work, but also shape the humanity of the enterprise.

  2. Hello, basically ordinary companies are not allowed to work with pets, if they are opened in pet shops. Generally allows pets to go to work.

  3. In fact, I don't think any company can take pets, because under what circumstances, you bring your pets to work, which will affect the people around you. It will also affect your work, which is a normal phenomenon, so we should also support such regulations.

  4. The company is generally public places. Except for special circumstances in public, it is not allowed to work with pets, unless your company is very strong.

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