5 thoughts on “What happened when the female cat's uterus is always good in estrus?”

  1. With a cat is not a cat. It may be a problem that the choice of seeds does not match, causing it to never be worthy. Try to change a cat, maybe it is matched.

  2. The uterus is normal and the estrus is normal, but it cannot be accompanied. Then, you need to consider the problem of male cats. Try it.
    If none of them work, then this female cat may have a problem with ovarian, and it is difficult to get pregnant in the future.

  3. In fact, I think this kind of thing is the same. If you can't come, just like a person, there are those who are easy to get pregnant, there are difficulty getting pregnant or unable to get pregnant. The same is true for cats. Your cat should be difficult to get pregnant. In fact, I think it's good, just let it go.

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