4 thoughts on “It must be cute to raise a dog that is not long, so what dogs can not grow?”

  1. Many people like petite and cute little dogs very much, especially small pet dogs that are small, not only less exercise, but also weak damage and eating much. Economic burden. So the question is, which dogs are not long?

    What dogs will not grow up
    1. Chinese poodle! It is a Beijing dog, a very ancient pet dog, one of the noble pets! Adults weigh only 3 to 6 kg! The highest height when standing is generally not more than 25cm. It is a relatively small local dog, which is more expensive than ordinary dogs!
    2. Chihuahua, Needless to say, this editor is a puppy that most dog owners know! Very cute and very small! So it is loved by many girls!
    3. Teddy Bear! Of course, Xiaobian is not a malleo Teddy bear here, but a cute teddy puppy. A young lady I know raises a small teddy bear! It is the kind of puppy who broke the bones from the chair, so cute! Like that kind of puppy, like cloth dolls, black eyes, the most important thing is that this dog is very sticky, very good! So Xiaobian strongly recommends girls to raise such dogs!
    4, the tea cup Malzis dog, an alias of Malta dog, this pet dog is a mini super small dog and a tea cup dog. Generally, it will not grow in 2 months. It is difficult to climb the stairs when the size is small. The appearance is very cute. It is a good choice for the owner who likes the tea cup dog.
    5, York Ship Sirrius, looks very good -looking, is an attractive small dog mini dog. He is smart and cute, and is very loyal to the owner. For others, you can avoid the three houses. This kind of dog is more brave and active. One of the poor pet dogs is friendly to others.
    6. Pomeranian is a kind of hairy pet dog. Many people like it very much. It is a kind of ornamental dog. It is also very petite. You do n’t need to feed how much food can satisfy their small appetite every day, which can save a lot of family economic burden.

  2. The deer dog is a smart and lively small dog. It has the cuteness and cuteness of the Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is elegant, vigilant, and fast. It is also one of the smallest dogs in the world.

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