Help! The dog who had been grilled and chicken bones for 2 months was supported.

After sleeping for a day, the appetite is okay, pull the stool, bring a lot of water,

6 thoughts on “Help! The dog who had been grilled and chicken bones for 2 months was supported.”

  1. Don't eat these things for pets. After all, dogs are not humans after all. Maybe it is allergic or uncomfortable. The dog itself does not know what to eat or not, and the chicken bones are very small and sharp. Dogs are easy to accidentally get stuck in the throat, which is very dangerous. Fortunately, dogs are just diarrhea, like the outer four, barbecue, and some heavy oil, heavy salt, and hot supper. The classmates have died 3 Bomei, all because they have eaten supper and other things. Love dogs are not used to get used to her. Good living habits and eating habits are the foundation of health. Dogs and people are different. I hope you can pay attention. Also, your dog should just diarrhea, let it be empty for a day, just drink plenty of water, take it to exercise more. I wish the dog recover soon ~

  2. Please feeding pets scientifically, this is a life, please respect and cherish it! Do not give anything else for two months, just feed puppies and dog food, you can add some egg yolk, calcium tablets, etc. When you grow up, you can use white water without salt and cooked beef, chicken breast. To raise pets, we must first know that this is also part of daily expenses. Animals have to eat like people, entertain, get sick, and see a doctor. Do you think clearly? Don't care about his quality of life because of the dog's breed. Please treat your friends like you!

  3. Eating chicken bones can break the dog's internal organs and can eat it to death.
    It don't give it to the next time.
    If it is just supporting it, it will be fine in a few days.

  4. See if there is a white strip substance in the dog's NN ... if you have any, you must go to the pet shop for treatment.
    The dogs with 2 months old, do not feed too hard foods, because the dog's digestive system has not been fully complete.
    especially chicken bone, don't feed

  5. Cubs cannot eat spicy foods and are prone to enteritis. They will be diluted and have poor appetite. It is recommended to give dogs for enteritis. It will be fine after 2 days.

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