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  1. Now more and more families raise dogs, treat them as children, and bring them wherever they go. The spark of love? Or. Essence Essence
    This dogs who have more than two or more at home will often encounter the quarrel between pet dogs and fighting with each other. How can the owners see the dogs be able to resolve them? It is best to understand the reason first, and it will be more effective to solve the problem!
    . What fights for dogs?
    1. Dog's natural instincts
    The dog itself is a group of animals. Of course, there will be a class difference between class or leaders. They may use the physical fitness to choose. Simply put, the winner is king.
    Before the leader is determined, they always try to determine each other's status as soon as they have a chance.
    2, jealousy and jealousy of each other
    Is when there are more than two dogs in the house, they will definitely compare to see who the owner is better, and then jealous and jealous, so the owner should try to achieve fairness and justice Otherwise, this may also become a factor for their quarrel!
    . Eliminate the fight between pet dogs
    1, the bowl of food is separated
    It may occur and care for food care. It is more appropriate to give a few dogs a few dogs, and teach them to their own bowls!
    2, two dogs areolation and calm n, if these two dogs have been fighting, then they have to isolate them first so that they can't see each other. At this time, the owner will think of snacks at home settings, so that they can calm down and do training.
    3, basic obedience training
    It to let the dog understand what you said first, they will obey you, otherwise how can they persuade the dog how to care about you? So if it is a new dog, It is best to teach them to go to the toilet, sit down, shake hands and other basic instructions.
    4. You need to confirm the status
    After understanding the instincts of the dog, you know that there will always be a difference between them, so if it is not too serious, the owner can let them tune themselves first Good relationships with each other.
    Is to prevent dogs from fighting
    1. Do not encourage competition. Dogs will have a consciousness of food and toys. Some varieties are more inclined to protect their beloved things, and some dogs are more willing to share. Understand your dog's personality characteristics so that you can prevent fighting when you come over.
    Stock, food, and toys when you play with other dogs and other dogs. If dogs have a consciousness, feed them in different rooms.
    2. Teach your dog to play politely. Starting from bringing the dog to your home, you have the responsibility to teach your dogs to not attack. Encourage good behavior with positive reinforcement. If your dog bite, roar, or show other violence, separate it from the players who play, and dry it on the side until it calm down.
    This tips
    If you already have a dog, but you want one, then let them meet separately. This will prevent them from hurting each other.
    The best way to prevent dogs from fighting is to prevent it. Take a closer look at your dog, if you think it (or other dogs) may be angry, then take it away before anything happens.
    For safety, you have to tie your dog when you are outside. Even the trained dogs sometimes cannot resist the temptation.
    If your dog shows signs of anger, you must try your best to calm down.
    The warning
    do not catch the collar. The scratching collar will expose your hand near the dangerous mouth of the dog, and most dogs bite the incident when their collar is caught. Dogs will turn around quickly, biting you before you react. If the dog twists your arm, it is likely to cause your fingers or wrists to break.
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