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  1. (1) Because the poodles are particularly rich and dense, they must be rich in protein in the provided foods, and the meat is not less than 150 grams every day. Before feeding, add equal amount of vegetarian or biscuits to harmonize water. At the same time, some fresh and clean drinks should be provided. Meats must be fresh and clean, and tableware should often wash and disinfect. (2) It is necessary to guide it every day to play and walk quickly in the courtyard to ensure that it has an appropriate amount of exercise. (3) Care for its hair, apply soft steel wire brushes to it every day, and trim it once a month, and take a bath for it on schedule. (4) The hair of the rear body should be trimmed. This dog likes swimming very much. When you see the water, you will even play your own urine and stain your hair. Therefore, once you find that the hair is dirty, it must be cleaned and trimmed immediately. (5) It should often remove the earwax on the tartar and the outer ear canal. (6) The poodle's poodles are easy to get sick. Pay special attention to prevention and pay attention to its diet hygiene. (7) The health of the poodle must be observed carefully every day. In particular, pay attention to the following aspects: ① whether the mental state is normal, whether it is lost and dull; Whether the temperature of the body is normal and whether there is fever symptoms; ④ whether there is a decrease in appetite; ⑤ Whether the stool is normal, the phenomenon of lipping and closing; whether the sound of barking is normal, there is no sound of hoarse laryngitis. Once there are signs of illness, targeted treatment should be given. The cleaning care of the poodle by the hair is very important. In addition to combing the back hair every day, it should also be cleaned on schedule. The poodle's hair is fluffy and curly, so it is best to sort it often to avoid knotting. At the same time, it is often trimmed to maintain the curly curls of the hair.
    The maintenance common sense
    [1] Dog exercise should be carried out daily. Some dogs have almost no activities on Monday to Friday, but the owner takes them to do a lot of activities on Saturday or Sunday. In fact, this is very bad. In particular, it may cause dogs over six years old. Dogs suffering from heart, spine, and ligaments may also cause joint damage.
    S walking, follow the master's sneakers, walking step by step is the best exercise. One can cultivate the relationship between the owner and the dog, and the two people and dogs have enough and moderate exercise. If they are large dogs, they need a lot of movement daily. Proper way.
    using motorcycles to pull the strap on the dog's neck in one hand, forcing the dog to run at more than 20 kilometers per hour, which is a very bad way, especially when the dog is over four years old. It is easy to cause damage to the heart. When people and dogs have passed their matches, they should not do exercise that can make heartbeat and breathing very fast and long for a long time. When breathing and heartbeat maintained for several minutes or more than ten minutes, it is easy to cause myocardial hypoxia and Oxygen in multiple tissues throughout the body.
    The hazards of climbing stairs
    The VIP dogs are flexible and freely. As the owner, it is indeed a proud and laborious thing without holding it climbing the stairs every time. I have to wake up the owners. Dogs often go up and down the stairs, and it is easy to cause damage to the dog's body for a long time.
    This depth and height of the stairs of general home apartments are not suitable for dogs. Generally, apartment plane depth is between 25 and 28 cm, and the height is more than 20 cm, which is only suitable for people to use. The design of the floor depth of 60 cm and a high and low difference in the staircase is more suitable for dogs up and down.
    The dogs who learn to climb stairs, because they are encouraged by the owner, they usually prefer to climb stairs. However, the dogs who climb the stairs for a long time will cause damage to the lumbar or limbs of the lumbar or limbs. By the age of six to eight, functional disorders may occur. Therefore, the careful owner will find that the skills of the dog climbing the stairs seem to be okay at the age of four; after the age of six, the speed will be much slower; at the age of eight, the dog will go up and down the stairs. Go away.
    The plane of the stairs is shallow, and long -term crawling can also cause dogs to injury dog ​​lumbar spine. Because the floor of the ladder is too shallow, the dog's limbs and feet cannot be on the same plane. Therefore, when the dog goes up the stairs, almost every level must be the end of the back of the waist. Put forward to the front side of the front foot pad, but the hips are still below the level of the feet of the second limbs. Usually, the dog will work hard to use the feet of the two hind limbs to make the body look up. The foot pads climbed up the staircase above, and the eighth level between the floors continuously completed.
    of course, climbing the stairs can promote the dog's movement, but long -term accumulation will cause a great burden on the dog's lumbar spine and limb joints, and some dogs will struggle to rush to the owner's encouragement and applause. The upper end of the stairs, this damage to the dog is more serious!
    The dietary attention
    1. You can't drink milk for puppies, just drink clean water, because the ingredients of dog milk and milk are completely different. Dog milk contains high protein, high fat and low lactose, while milk contains low protein, which contains low protein. Low fat and high lactose, the ingredients of the two are exactly the opposite. The puppies' stomach cannot absorb and digest milk, which can cause gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea.
    2. Puppies cannot feed meat, fruits, and snacks of your children's children. There are also chocolates that people eat, and they cannot be fed. The puppy's stomach is very delicate.
    3. Foods with too many mustard and pepper content can cause dogs. Gastrointestinal ulceration, you can't feed.
    4. Onions are absolutely not to be fed to dogs. Onions are strongly toxic than the blood of the dog. If you eat too much, it will cause acute anemia and even life -threatening.
    5. Dry foods made of salt, such as salted fish, dried fish and small shrimp and bacon, food ham and cured meat, and can not be fed to dogs.
    6. Refrigerated milk, ice cream, and other dairy products cannot be given to dogs, especially for puppies that have not fully developed puppies. Usually a few cold milk will cause puppies diarrhea. For the long term, they will form habitual diarrhea, which will cause weak dogs to be weak, and dog's gastrointestinal does not adapt to such foods.
    7.5. Puppies within 5 months are best to feed commercial puppies, because their nutritional matching is more reasonable. If puppies are too dry, they can be soaked with warm water.
    8. In fact, it is very simple to summarize. You feed dog food in the puppy 5 months ago. Do n’t feed everything else. The dog food buys a bit (the nutrition in dog food is very rich, enough).
    7 Nursing Common Sense Edit Daily Life
    In three months (after the vaccine), it is already possible to take a bath. It is recommended to buy dog ​​food to feed VIPs, which is conducive to dogs' teeth, and it is it Also longevity. By the way, don't feed it onion, bones, crab skin, shrimp skin, grapes, chocolate and other foods. Eating too much onion will poison it. The bone will endanger its stomach. Intestinal bleeding, grapes have an impact on dogs' vision, while chocolate may cause dogs to die! very dangerous!
    This is very afraid of loneliness. It always likes to be with others. If you are busy at work, it is best to find a dog companion. Otherwise it is likely to have depression.
    The fluffy and curling of the poodle, so it is best to sort it often to avoid knotting. At the same time, it can also maintain the curly curls of beautiful hair. Most of the traditional poodle pruning methods leave only the hair of limbs, ears, and tails at the end of the tail. All need to be shaved on the body. The very popular toy poodle is to create a cute texture like a teddy bear. It looks like a teddy bear, but the hair around the eyes should be trimmed carefully to avoid stabbing the eyes.
    has no special diseases. The only thing is that like a small dog, it is easy to dislocate the joint habitual dislocation. Therefore Wait. The poodle likes sports and should maintain a certain outdoor activities and walks every day. The poodle likes water, so the body hair should be cut off to prevent water accumulation after wetness. It should also prevent puppies from playing with their own urine. The cleaning care of the back hair is also very important. In addition to combing the back hair every day, it should be washed regularly.
    The care
    maco for less than 12 months can be cut into "Barbie" type. In all competition groups, VIPs for more than 12 months need to be trimmed into a "British saddle" or "Europe" type. In the youth group, female dog group and pet dogs, they can be trimmed into a "sports" type. During the game, VIP trimming into other styles is unpopular.
    Barbie type
    In a VIPs who are less than one year old can be trimmed by "puppies". The hair of the face, throat and feet and tail needs to be shaved. It can be seen that the hair on the feet is completely shaved. The end of the tail is hairy ball. The other parts are trimmed slightly, retaining the neat appearance and smooth outline lines.
    The hair on the face, throat, feet, front legs, and tail roots on the face, throat, foot, front legs, and tail root of the United Kingdom need to be shaved, leaving only a bracelet and a hairy ball at the forefoot part. The back of the back is a "blanket" composed of short hair, which outlines the curve. Other hair needs to be shaved. Part of the hair of the two hind legs shaved, leaving a "velvet ball" at the flying festival and the rear knee joint. You can see all the hair above the velvet ball and the feet. The other parts of the body are retained, but they must take care of the balance of the overall appearance.
    European type
    mo on the hair on the face, throat, feet, front legs, and tail root needs to be shaved, most of the hinds are shaved by hair, leaving only hairy balls in the hips (optional) (optional) Essence The front legs need to be left with a bracelet, a velvet ball, the hair on the legs and the rest of the feet is shaved. You can see that the hair above the velvet balls and the feet claws is all shaved. There is a hair ball at the tail. The other parts of the body are retained, but they must take care of the balance of the overall appearance.
    The hair on the face, foot claws, throat, and tail root needs to be shaved, cut a hat on the top of the head and leave a hair ball on the tip of the tail. The other part of the body is trimmed according to the outline of the dog's body, leaving about 1 inch of hair. Maybe the hair on the leg is slightly longer than the body.
    It all trimming methods, only the headdress can be free to play or be elastic. The hair only needs to retain enough length to trim the outline. The headdress refers to the position of the position from the stop to the back brain, which is the only position that maintains elasticity.
    The beauty method

    The poodles installed in Teddy
    The Mao's hair repair is the most complicated, and the hair repair method is the most. In order to participate in the exhibition, it should be trimmed according to a certain specifications and cannot be cut casually to avoid affecting the aesthetics. But as a family pet, in order to make the dog cool and appropriate, it can be trimmed by the Netherlands. The method is: the hair on the top of the head should be cut into a circular shape, and the length is moderate. You can leave a beard. The hair under the face, the ankle, and the tail and the tail of the tail should be cut short. 4 cm, and the hair of the waist and neck was cut short, it seemed like wearing jeans. The tip of the tail should be cut into a big hair ball, which is not only good -looking, but also makes people feel refreshing and eye -catching, and it will not occur. It can also be trimmed as follows:
    It dogs with smaller heads. In order to make up for this shortcoming, the hair on the head can be kept and cut into a circular shape. The hair should be long, so that the head is slightly larger and beautiful. Dogs with larger heads should cut the hair short, and the hair on the neck does not need to be cut short.
    The dogs with long faces should be trimmed on both sides of the nose into a round shape to emphasize the focus. Dogs with small eyes should cut off the hair of the upper eyelid for about two lines, so as to enlarge the circles.
    The short neck dogs can improve their shape through trimming the hair of the neck, and the hair in the middle of the neck should be cut deeper, which makes people feel the neck minister. After cutting the hair on the chest or hips, the body is loosening the hair of the body with a hair curls, which will make the body look shorter. Fat dogs, it is best to cut the hair of the whole body and cut the limbs into sticks, which can make the body look thinner.

    This teacher Li Bozhao Guili Beauty Style (4 photos)
    Bathing method
    1. Make the dog stand on the stage, and slowly brush down from the center of the back to the abdomen;
    2. After brushing the back, then brush the abdomen and the inner and outer side of the forefoot in turn; 3. Sort the head;

    This poodles
    4. Finally brush the tail.
    1. Use your right hand to hold your right hand when shaving, and hold the dog's mouth on your left hand; shave from the tip of the eyebrow to the tip of the nose, cheeks, corners, ears, necks, and chin;
    2. Four feet are only repaired to the heel, shaving the soles of the feet to separate the thumb and index finger, and be careful to shave the mixed hair in the middle;
    3. The hair around the back and the body and the abdomen is shaved short.
    The cleaning:
    This to clean the ears and nails before cleaning, and then use a long cotton ball to block the ears to avoid water.
    1. Squeeze the pet bath solution and dilute it with water;
    2. Squeeze the anal glands with your thumb and index finger to clean the anal glands;
    3. Apply the head and whole body with diluted bath, gently rub the head, abdomen and limbs along the head, do not let the bath fluid flow into the eyes;
    4. After rubbing, clean the whole body with water and make some hair care for it, and then rinse it thoroughly.
    Hlow air:
    1. Wrap your body with a bath towel, move to the platform to dry the water;
    2. The remaining water is dried with a hair dryer. Starting from the head, a brush is used, until the root of the hair is completely blow dry. 3. After the hair dryer is finished, use a comb to reinterpret the hair.
    1. Open the dog's ears and let the dog lie down quietly. If your dog is not highly matched, let the dog stand on a higher chair or table and pull it. Because you are afraid of high, you will cooperate more, but personal suggestions still let the dog lie down quietly on your leg
    2. First dip the earlike powder with a little bit of the outer ear, and massage a little .. You can remove the ear hair of some obvious auricle with your fingers
    3. Then sprinkle some ear powder on the inside of the ears. The feeling of ear powder is a bit like a mule powder, which can help you see each ear hair clearly (pay attention to the quality, twist it with your hands after squeezing it in, and see if there is any hard block)
    4. Rub the ears for a while (don't dial immediately, let the ear powder work won't hurt)
    5. I just said that with my fingers, it usually refers to the range of the external ears. In the ear canal (the part of your eyes, if you are too deep, the baby will be uncomfortable or safe).) Fingers can be removed!
    3. Whether you use hematopoietic pliers or eyebrow clamps or fingers, you ask you to dial as fast as possible. The faster the more pain, the more it does not hurt. It is recommended that the ear hair can be processed a little longer. It will be easier!
    4. Because the dog's ears are not in the end, you need to adjust the direction of your pliers and eyebrows in a timely manner!
    5. Finally, use a cotton swab to clear the ear liquid, clean up the remaining powder in the ear, and make a big announcement! Many friends will definitely ask, isn't the ear powder be anti -inflammatory, why should they be cleaned, because the facial features are connected, and the remaining ear powder may reach the eyes, so don't save this step!
    The oral and dental care
    many times you need care of the owner. If you want your dog to have a strong teeth and healthy body, the owner should not be afraid of trouble without doing any health care. Because when you find a problem with the tooth of the poodle, it may be quite serious.
    1. The bite is incomplete
    The causes of its formation can be divided into two types: one is that the poodle's upper and lower jaws have problems during development, resulting in unable to open and close normally. The second is that when the greedy tooth grows, it is temporarily dental, and there is an abnormal growth. The poodle that suffers from uneven bite will get stuck when the mouth is closed, affecting eating.
    2, dental calculus
    otetic stones are mainly mixed with food residues and bacteria, that is, the original fierce of the bad breath and periodontal disease. Essence Therefore, the owner should regularly help the poodle to clean his teeth, and if necessary, he can even bring it to the veterinarian to wash his teeth.

  2. 1. Dogs can not eat dog food 2 months ago. It is best to feed bit dogs. 2. Dogs can eat dog food soaked in boiling water for 2-6 months (soak for about ten minutes like instant noodles) It is best to eat less meals
    In help your dog better absorb 3. Adult dogs can eat dog food, two-three meals a day, best personal experience, hope to help you

  3. What are the characteristics of poodles, is it easy to raise?
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