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  1. Tongtianyan, Bao Hulu Farm, Wulong Hakka Tree Park, Hakka Cultural City, Yangmingshan National Forest Park, etc.
    1. Tongtianyan
    The Tianyan Scenic Area is located 6.8 kilometers north of the north south suburbs of Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. The stone statue of the stone is 359, and the cliff inscription from the Song Dynasty to the Republic of China is known as "Jiangnan No. 1 Grottoes".
    2, Bao Hulu Farm
    Bao Hulu Farm is located in front of Chizhu and Lake Town, Shuixi Town, Shuigong District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. , 3 kilometers away from the urban area, convenient transportation, and superior geographical location. It is a modern green ecological farm with a rural scenery and a strong rural atmosphere in the suburbs. It is a national AAAA -level tourist attraction and the only most successful theme park in Jiangxi Province.
    3, Wulong Hakka style park
    Wulong Hakka style park is located at No. 18 Shahe Avenue, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. One is based on the theme of ecology and Hakka as the brand, with dragon culture as the heritage, and integrates leisure, tourism vacation, convention and exhibition science and education, youth moral training bases and other multi -functional tourism destinations. It is now a national AAAA -level tourist attraction.
    4, Hakka Cultural City
    The Hakka Cultural City is located in the southeast of the urban area of ​​Ganxian County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. The famous mountains and mountains in the south of the Ganno, the mountains, water, and cities are contrasting with each other.
    5. Yangmingshan National Forest Park
    The Yangmingshan National Forest Park is located in the southwestern part of Hunan Province, the suburbs of Yongzhou City, and the northeast of Shuangpai County. In 1992, it was approved as the National Forest Park. Since ancient times, it has been a famous mountain in the world and is known as the "Lingshan Blessing Land" on the earth. It is a rare natural historical and cultural heritage at home and abroad, and it is also one of the few tourist treasures that have not been developed well.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Ganzhou

  2. Ganzhou City City:
    Phulu Farm (roller coaster, ferris wheels, rosewood adults, jungle fields, bayberry, etc.); What are you?); Fengshan National Forest Park (natural landscape and beautiful); Shuidong Ma Zuyan (the Ganzhou Municipal Government has built a huge Buddhist tourist attraction. Now Ma Zuyan has been opened as a forest park. The harmonious bell tower (with the world's largest bell tower, with the sightseeing bell tower as its core, including urban landscape green space, historical and cultural display area, European -style district and reception center area. Comprehensive theme park); Yangmeidu Park (Gaota, Qingshan, Jiangshui; leisure and exercise places); Wulong Hakka style park (naturally artificially jointly jointly created tourist destinations, you can play next door (Ganzhou Zoo)) ; Gan City Central Ecological Park (the latest and largest park in Ganzhou, very beautiful); Bajingtai Terrace area (the real charm of the thousand -year Songcheng);
    The main tourist attractions in other counties and cities are well -known, and the main tourist attractions in other counties and cities are well -known. I will not introduce them one by one.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the attractions of Ganzhou (including the counties and cities under its jurisdiction) are mainly: 1) National AAAA -level tourist area: Ganzhou Tongtianyan Scenic Area, Ganzhou Baosu Farm, Yangling National Forest Park, Xingguo Feng Shui Cultural Scenic Area 2) National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit: Ruijin Revolution, the former site of the Ningdu Uprising Headquarters, Tongtian Rock Grottoes, Ganzhou Ancient City Wall, Kansai Xinwei, Yanyi Wai, Dabao Guang Tower, Ganzhou Magazine , The Central Red Army Self -March Departure Land (in Du County) 3) National Forest Park: Jiulian Mountain National Forest Park, Baishishan Mountain National Forest Park, Cuiwei Peak National Forest Park, Fengshan National Forest Park, Meiguan National Forest Park , Yangling National Forest Park, Wuxi Peak National Forest Park, Steal Water Lake National Forest Park 4) National Nature Reserve: Jiulian Mountain National Nature Reserve 5) National Scenic Area: Three Hundred Mountain Scenic Area 6) Provincial Nature Reserve: Chongyi Yangling, Chongyi Qiyun Mountain, Shicheng Ganjiang source, Dongjiang source -find Wuyu pimple mountain, Shangsanzhong peak 7) Provincial scenic spot: Ganzhou Tongtianyan, Longnan Xiaowang Mountain , Ruijin Luohan Rock, Da Yu Zhimei Guan Ancient Post Road, Shangzhong Water Lake, Chongyi Nie Dukin Cave, Huichang Hanxianyan, Ningdu Cuiwei Peak, Shangsan Five Fingers 8) Other attractions: Yu Gutai, Mudan Pavilion, Harmony Bell, Harmony Bell tower

  4. Ganzhou is a prefecture -level city under the jurisdiction of Jiangxi. It is the second largest city in Jiangxi. It is often referred to as Gannan region. Ganzhou is connected to Sanming and Longyan in the east of Ganzhou. Lian Jiangxi Ji'an and Fuzhou, which extends in the southeast coastal area to the middle of the mainland, is one of the important channels for the mainland to lead to the southeast coast.
    Ganzhou Ancient Floating Bridge: It was built during the Songgan Road and has a history of more than 800 years. The economy of Ganzhou in the Song Dynasty has developed a lot. In order to facilitate communication with the outside, the three pontoon bridges of Donghe, Xihe, and Nanhe in the Zhanghe and Gong Gong River have been built on the Zhanghe and Gong River to communicate urban and rural areas. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Xihe and Nanhe Popular Bridge were demolished due to the construction of a highway bridge. Only this Jianchunmen Floating Bridge was a historical and cultural landscape of the national historical and cultural city.
    Tongtian rock cave: Tongtianye Grottoes are a famous scenic spot in the outskirts of Ganzhou City, and it is also a relatively concentrated statue of the southern cave of China. The Tongtianyan Scenic Area is mainly composed of forgetting Guiyan, Tongxinyan, Tongtianyan, and Cuiwei Rock. The caves are deep, the mountain trails are winding, the streams are gurgling, and the scenery is beautiful, which makes people linger.
    The steep water lake Scenic Area: The Stewater Lake Scenic Area is a national AAAA -level scenic spot, which is located in Zhishui Town, Shangsui County, Shangshang County, Jiangxi Province. In the resource area, there are more than thirty wind scenes such as waterfalls, iron fans, Shixiangshan, Jiuqu Range Range Range, beauty peak, Hakka folk customs on the shore of the lake.
    Tongtianzhai: Tongtianzhai is a long -standing Danxia landform scenic area, located in Dazhen Village seven kilometers from Shicheng County. Because the main rock on the village is like two fingers, if the inside is two palms and a half, the name is named up to the sky. The strange stones on the village are like forests, like Danxia crossing; Manzhai turtle cracks, known as caught plowing fields; village clear spring flows flowing in the four seasons, and bamboo and wood are green as the sea; The peculiar landscape, beautiful scenery, constitutes a fascinating fairy scenery.

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