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  1. Puppies immunization plan

    The age of Dog

    The first hexagonal vaccine injection of the dog was born in 7-8 weeks

    The second six-united vaccine injection at 11-12 weeks of the dog
    n Born 14-15 weeks of the third six-united vaccine and injected rabies vaccine

    . After this immunogenetic plan, your dog will be injected with one shot of six-meter vaccine and a needle rabies vaccine each year. This can make dogs and those infectious diseases that threaten huge infectious diseases.

    1. Do not let puppies have the opportunity to swallow chicken bone, pork ribs or fish bones, because they will stay in the throat, and then crack. Stomach wall and intestine.

    2. Don't let puppies eat people's leftovers, because the dog's demand for nutrition is different from humans. If you consume complete and balanced nutrition, dog food should be mainly. This feed is prepared by scientific methods. It is delicious, comprehensive, easy to be digested and absorbed, and is very convenient to use. According to statistics, dog foods who have eaten dog food for a long time are more than one -third longer than dog food without dog food. And the smell of appreciation, tone and excrement will be reduced a lot, which is a good gospel for dogs living in the apartment.

    3. Do not give puppies snacks between each meal. If it obeys other training, you can give it a little snack to show encouragement.
    Precautions for puppies

    Is to add a member in the family -a "puppy", it will always excite the whole family. The puppies are like a baby who studies. It is curious about the surrounding environment and will constantly explore, but this curiosity sometimes causes puppies to be harmed or even killed. Therefore, before puppies enter the family, make preparations for preparation ... Click to enter to see more content >>>

    How to take care of the puppy who has not been weaned

    First of all, after the puppy was born, the constant temperature environment inside the mother came to the temperature -changing environment in vitro. These little guys were rare and the temperature adjustment function was not completely formed, so it was necessary to do a good job of heat preservation. At the same time, the puppies born in Hong Kong are very soft, unstable, and inconvenient to move. This is the owner needs to strengthen the care
    The puppy's bath was born after February, and it started only two weeks after vaccination. Dogs raised outdoors are washed 3 to 4 times a year, and it is advisable to be raised indoors for 20 days to one month.

    The skin of dogs is not as easy to sweat as humans, and you don't need to take a bath frequently. You should take a walk before bathing, let it discharge urine and feces, and then take a bath in order

    The new puppies, especially the puppies bought from the outside, because they are in the market and they are in the market and Any animal has been in contact, or the person who wants to buy constantly touch this with his hands, spreading the pathogenic microorganism. Therefore, the owner should take it to the veterinary hospital for examination immediately after getting the pet. You can ask the veterinarian to give your puppies to inject some serum first, and wait for about 10 days when I go home for about 10 days. The puppy is strong and adapts to the environment of the new home. Then take it to the vaccine
    Fay your puppy overdose. According to the explanation of dog food pockets or cans produced by the trusted dog food manufacturers. Some varieties of dogs tend to be hypertrophic, but excessive feeding in the early years will still have a long -term impact on it.
    The cold weather in winter, the focus of management during this period should be placed on cold preservation to prevent breathing. Pay attention to the cold and heat preservation. After exercise, it can be caused by the rainy wind and the tide temperature of the dog. It may also be severely secondary to respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

    The effective measures to prevent colds are cold -proof insulation, thickened mattress, and pay attention to replacement in time to keep dry and prevent cold wind; when the sun is sunny, strengthen the outdoor sports of the dog to enhance the dog's dogs to enhance the dog's dog Physical constitution improves dog resistance. Make dogs in the sun not only heating, but also ultraviolet rays in the sun also have the effects of disinfection and sterilization, and can promote the absorption of calcium, especially the growth and development of the bones of puppies, and prevent puppies from suffering.

    How to judge whether the dog has a cold

    Oh how to help the puppy keep the cold

    Even if it is a long hair variety, because there is no long dog hair, resistance is resistant, resistance to resist, resistance, resistance, resistance, resistance, resistance, resistance, resistance, resistance Insufficient power, especially afraid of sudden cold and cold wind blowing. There are several ways to help puppies to protect the cold: you can put some clean old blankets, thick towels, etc. in the nest, helping puppies to warm up. If you buy the puppies alone and raise it, because you have been separated from the group, it is difficult to warm each other with snuggling. Don't put the puppy in a too ventilated place to prevent freezing. Especially the 6-8 weeks of puppies are the most likely to have a cold. If you don't know cooking, it is best not to buy puppies in winter. After heating or waiting for it, buy it a little older. Its resistance will be stronger.

    The temperature in the winter dog house should be kept between 13-15 ° C. The door of the dog can hang grass, the windows can be sealed with plastic cloth, and the puppy's circle can also imitate the heating of plastic greenhouses. At the same time, all gaps are blocked by the wall to prevent the thieves from invading the wind. If you have the conditions, you can use infrared lights to illuminate, built fire walls between the walls, etc. Generally, the dog bed should be configured with thick pads on it. When the sun is warm, let the dogs expose the sun, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.

    2 The management of puppies

    (1) Maintenance, three transitions. Two maintenance refers to maintaining and maintaining the raw feed in the original circle; the three transitions refer to the transition of feed, breeding system and environment. Feed transition: At about 1 week after weaning, the feed formula is still the same as the breastfeeding replenishment. It gradually transitions later. After weaning, it can be changed to the puzzle feed family. The transition of the feeding system: The stable life system can promote the growth of puppies and reduce the occurrence of disease. Young dog feed should be refined, quantitative, and feed less meals to maintain its strong appetite and digestion. Environmental transition: After weaning, the reasons are used for breeding method, that is, no mix of the original circle, no mixed group and the nest, bringing out the bitch out.

    The winter cotton for hamsters

    (2) Three points of positioning refers to the fixed place for food and drinking water, fixing the place of sleeping, and fixing dung urine.

    (3) Select the days of sunny weather and strong wind. It is not required to go to a bitch, because the column period has reached the out of the column when sexual maturity, but it should not have much effect on fertilizer education, but it should be educated to eliminate the bitch. According to the size and physical strength, the group management is generally 8-10 per small group.

    (4) Dedication is generally carried out at 20-25 days old, and it is regularly per month for the age of 20-25. After the deworming, the dog manure and insect body are concentrated in the fermentation. Wash the basin once a day. Salt and water basin disinfection once a week. It can be boiled for 20 min. It can also be soaked in 0.1 % new Jieer extinguishing liquid for 20 min or soaked with 2 % -4 % roasted alkali water. Finally, rinse with water.
    The calories required for the growth and development period of puppy are twice that of adult dogs. It is said that dogs can live about 12-16 years, and they are much shorter than dogs. It can be said that the dog's life is like a concentrated life. Dogs are also developing very fast. It can grow into dogs from 1 to a half year. This period of growth is very important, and even the puppy's life can be left and right. In order to allow puppies to grow up healthily, special attention should be paid to its diet during development.

    The puppies will be weaned at about 6 weeks of birth, and ordinary food can be eaten later, but within 1-6 months of birth, it should be fed 3-4 times a day.

    This to about the third month after weaning, the feeding time should be set at 7 am, 12 o'clock in the morning, 5 o'clock in the evening, and 10 o'clock in the evening, 4 times a day. From the 5th to 8th months of birth, it can be fed three times in the morning, noon, and evening. The amount of feeding to puppies during this period is equivalent to about one -third to half of adult dogs.

    In a few months from 2-3 months to 3 months, puppies' food composition will determine its lifelong eating habits. If you are preparing to continue to raise special dog food in the future, you must let it adapt to the taste of special dog food during this time.

    If it is prepared to be raised in family meals in the future, food should be mainly animal protein and feed more high -calorie foods. When the puppies are born 2-3 months, the meat should be cut into thin pieces before the teeth and the lower Hubei have not fully developed. Milk, butter, cheese, etc. are more suitable. But the harder bones are not to eat them first.

    The is about ten years old within 6 months to 1 year after birth, so dogs can develop into young dogs equivalent to 18 years old in one year. During this period, it was the period when dogs grew most. The heat of the city was about double the growth of growth. It can feed more animal protein foods.

    What to do if dogs are not accustomed to hard special dog foods

    Most puppies can eat hard special dog food in about 2 months. If the puppies are not used to eat it for a while, they can use boiling water, milk or soup to soak them and then feed them.

    It how to judge whether the amount of feeding is appropriate

    The food amount of each dog is not exactly the same. Whether the amount of feeding is too far. You can grow up slowly with the puppies

  2. 1. Keep warm, do the nest
    2. Do not take a bath in the near future (within 1 week)
    3. Buy dog ​​food to feed, do not feed something else, remember not to feed meat, milk, chocolate, onion, onion, onion, onion, onion !!
    4. Observation for 15 days, no abnormal situations occur within 15 days. Please go to the pet hospital for vaccine. Recommend the domestic hexagonal and deworming one week after injections (when you go to the pet hospital, buy some insect repellent tablets, it is very cheap, it is very cheap )
    5. Attention to insect repellent, take medicine according to weight, eat half a piece of puppy, eat it before meals
    6. After the vaccine is completed, you can take it out for another week.
    7. If the puppy just comes back, it may be called at night. Please accompany it to sleep together (within its sight), up to 1 week will be better

  3. The most important thing when buying a new dog is to pay attention to taboos:
    The new dog breeding:
    1. The puppies that just purchased can be immediately injected with blood or immunoglobulin to enhance the system.
    2. Do not take a bath for the dogs. After a few days after the dog, the dog should be adapted to the new environment and the food is excreted normally.
    3. After arriving at home, the dog's food should be controlled, which is lower than the normal eating amount, and slowly increases to normal food within a few days.
    4. If the puppies who just bought back have any suspicious situation, please call to consult the doctor immediately. If you need to take your dog to the animal hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible, so as not to cause irreparable consequences.
    New dog training:
    1. To praise and touch. The purpose of training is to "teach", not "scolding". The best way is to compliment and touch it frequently, so that the dog understands the happy mood of the owner.
    2. The password should be clear. In order to let dogs understand and remember, the training timing is best to use a short and pronunciation sentence, and it should not be repeated. When issuing an order, avoid loud atmosphere or anger. Because the dog is very sensitive, the above method will gradually link the dog to scold and train. In addition, the same password should use different tones for dogs with different temperament. For example, if you are squatting down, you should give it gently or hearty to the nerve -quality dogs, and to order it loudly and obviously to the lively dogs, and the breeder should choose different methods according to the personality of his dog.
    The food that dogs cannot eat:
    1, squid, shells, shiitake mushrooms, and not digestible foods may cause diarrhea or vomiting.
    2, ginger, curry powder, pepper and other irritating spices, too irritating the stomach.
    3, onions contain the toxicity of dissolving red blood cells, and can easily cause poisoning symptoms such as hematuria or anemia after eating.
    4, chocolate may also cause toxic substances and cause diseases such as incontinence, spasm, and sheep madness.
    5, the chicken bones and fish bones are sharp and hard, it is easy to stab the oral and digestive organs, nor can it be fed.
    6. Some dogs can cause diarrhea as soon as they drink milk. In this case, they can feed the dogs to yogurt.
    7, puppies should not feed foods such as preservatives and pigments such as ham sausages, sausages, and fish silk.

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