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  1. Pets sometimes need to foster pets to friends from other places or move to other cities to live, so how to express pets to other cities? Let's introduce several methods below.
    method 1: Find a car master, only between cities. If the two cities that need to be migrated are closer, such as a city that can be reached in about 1 day, we can contact a driver master to put pets in a small cage, or pets to take a portable bag, send it to the destination place Essence
    02 method 2: air transport. First, call the airline to ask if there is an aerobic compartment, indicating that the pet is required. For example, HNA needs to book the pet 48 hours before taking off.
    03 The second is to obtain a quarantine certificate. Pets' rabies vaccination certificates need to go to a quarantine certificate at the local county level at or above the local county level, and cage disinfection certificates, and some airlines also require non -epidemic areas to proof. It costs about tens of yuan to do it.
    Note: Remember to write the day on the day of disinfection proof.
    method 3: Find a professional pet courier company. You must know that the surgery industry has specialized in the market, and there are pet transportation business in the market, but the cost is high, but they will have someone to take care of pets to eat and drink during transportation to ensure their basic needs.

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