The dog fell a bit

When you play, hold your two front feet and go back. Dogs can't. Now the limbs cannot move, and they do not eat and water. It's been a day. The body temperature is 37.5 degrees. X -rays can't see any problems. do not know what to do?

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  1. 1 Do not eat solid food for the time being, you can drink some glucose water.
    2 This situation is possible. After falling, the dog's brain nerves are in a short -term dormant state, affecting the dog's nerves, and can cause the dog to vomit.
    3 Only observe. But there should be no big problems in time
    must be internal injuries. I can't see it outside. My family had a dog that fell from upstairs. This will break the internal organs. He went to a better pet hospital, but during this period, there was a good way to let its body rest on the soft soil and lying on it all the time. On the soil, we also called him upstairs, but the result was dead. Later, the veterinarian said that it should be lying on the soil. This is really good for his internal organs. Buy baby food in the supermarket to feed it. If you always vomit, it is best to use a needle -free injection needle tube to get it in his mouth. It must be very rare, because his internal organs are not good for digestion.

  2. The best way is to go to the veterinary hospital. I understand your mood. Dogs come to raise and cannot play it alone. It needs to be carried out. Be sure to pay attention in the future!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, is there any bad symptoms after the dog falls?nCould you please talk about it in detail.nAsk the dog when I jumped off in my arms for seven months, I fell into my head, but I didn't respond too much after falling.nHow about answering the mental state?nQuestion, there is no problem at presentnAnswer if the dog's appetite is good, there is no problem.nDo you need to pay attention to ask questions?nAnswer hello, just take a few days of rest. Nothing to pay attention to.nIf you ask questions, there will be no internal injury or something, right?nAnswer Dogs generally cause brain vibration only when severe trauma.nIs the urine normal?nAsk the question not long after falling, there is no urination, then I pay attention to the urine for a few days when I pay attention?nThe answer is generally serious if severe.nIf normal flowers, it means that the dog is fine.nAsk without him, just jumped down from my arms and walked normally. He ate some snacks and also ate it.nAnswer um, it seems that there is no problem through your description. do not worry.nJust pay more attention in the future.n15 morenBleak

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