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  1. First, determine the place where the toilet is good
    It to make the dog have a good habit of going to the toilet, first of all, you must determine the place. Remember not to change the toilet at will to let it go slowly. If the courage is relatively small, don't force it at first, you need to let it have a buffer time. It is recommended to sprinkle the puppy's urine on its urine pad, then put this on the toilet, and then hold it to familiarize this taste. After repeating it a few more times, it will remember that this is the toilet. Then I will be here every day.
    . The law of observing puppies to go to the toilet
    . Generally speaking, puppies will have the habit of going to the toilet for about half an hour. After such a performance, you can quickly take the puppy to the Xiaobian in the toilet, knowing that it is let go after it is over. During this period, do not have a lot of sounds and movements to avoid being nervous. If the dog runs out, you should catch it in time to let it solve the problem in the toilet.
    . Guidance
    It can be placed in the newspaper where the puppy often goes to the toilet. After it is solved, you can put the newspaper in the middle of the toilet, then let the puppy solve the problem in the past. Slowly shrink the area until the puppy can take the initiative to go to the toilet, this guiding effect is better.
    wants to teach dogs to go to the toilet. This will not be completed in a few days, and some will take a week or longer. At this time, you need to think about it. Give up at will.

  2. The following points should be made to teach pets:
    . The reason why pets who understand the "defecation password" of pets will urinate at home and anywhere. Live the laws and time points of pet excretion. In fact, pets will have some signals before defecation. When these signals appear, we need to give pets a clear position instruction.
    First of all, the excretion time of pets is generally waking up in the morning or about 30 minutes after eating. Some cats will also defecate for about 15 minutes after drinking water. This law is not absolute and can be distinguished according to your pet's specific habits.
    It, there will be some small behaviors before the pets are excreted to remind you "I want to make a stool"! For example, the dog will smell it on the ground before excretion, and sometimes it will turn around, and it will be uneasy. When you get along with pets, you must pay attention to these small details. When we find pets to defecate, we must immediately hold it to a designated place. And we must pave the newspapers such as newspapers or diapers in this place.
    This is worth noting this point, that is, when pets are urinating, do not immediately take away a sanitary ware with pet urine or feces. To form a certain correlation between pets and fixed places, these odors can help pets deepen their memory.
    . The praise is always more effective than the scolding
    It in daily training, we will encounter two situations: the first case is that the pets do not go to the place we designated to defecate. At this time, we can say "not" or "no" to pets, and transfer it to the specified place. Be sure to remember that you can't scold your pets at will. Pets will not realize that your scolding is because it does not excrete it at the designated place. It will only think that urination itself is a wrong thing. This consequence is that it will only be in you in the future. When you don't pay attention, you have a sneaky urine, so that everything is over.
    The second situation is better, that is, pets have urinated at the place you designated. We can gently repeat the instructions of it, such as "urine" or "stinky stink". When pets do this, we must give positive encouragement, such as praise or stroke and snack rewards, etc. This will help pets to form conditional reflexes, and can also stimulate pets' desire to learn. Remember: encouragement forever forever It is better than scolding.
    . Do a hard -working and patient shoveling officer
    . After systematic training, when the pet grows up to a few months, you can go to the toilet by yourself. Some dogs also learn to urinate. If we are usually busy, we can form a fixed dog walking time in the morning and evening before get off work or before work, so that the dog can make the dogs to defecate. In the early stage of training, the best way to take a walk is the same, so that it can go to the toilet in a fixed area you are familiar with.
    of course, these have a very important premise that we have to prepare a new pet. Because most pets are not trained in time when they are young, it is difficult to develop the habit of fixed toilet.
    It this is a very long training. In the process, you will have countless failures, even when you are crazy. In addition to preparing cleaning equipment such as commonly used newspapers or diapers, Xiaobian recommends another pet disinfection spray.
    The pet spray with good effects currently uses plant extraction technology. For example, the pet spray of Taian Shengdetang uses precious Kunlun Mountain Tire Chrysanthemum as a comparative confidential formula for extracting raw materials. After thousands of attempts, it can safely and neutralize the sulfide and ammonia in the pet excrement. It can also have a strong inhibitory effect on Golden Polygiolabalus and Altosus. As mentioned in the previous article, if the pet was excreted on the bed, and after cleaning, you can spray the pet spray of San Detang to achieve the effect of disinfection and odor.
    In short, in terms of training pet bowel movements, shovel officials must be patient. Remember not to scold pets! Punishment will only play the opposite role. As long as we have enough patience to come a few more times, slow pets will form habits. Come on, shovel officers!

  3. Method/step
    For example, the dog has reached a state of being able to go out. For example, the vaccine has been completed, and the age of age is more than two to three months.
    On how to teach dogs to go to the toilet
    let the dogs unbutton to urinate outside, and you will find that this teaching does not need to teach, and you can hold it at home in the future, because the dogs don’t like the living environment everywhere they are everywhere. It is urination.
    On how to teach dogs to go to the toilet
    If the puppy vaccine brought back, it has not been completed, the age is not available, and you can't go out to play well. At this time
    On how to teach dogs to go to the toilet
    If the dog urinates at home, it must be accused of accusing this in front of the dog, and move the feces or urine to such as a bathroom or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet or a toilet. Place specified by the balcony.
    On how to teach dogs to go to the toilet
    It must only urinate in this place at home, and then clean the original place. After the dog's noodles are made a few times, the dog will learn. The owner leaves the taste there, and the dog can look for it next time.
    On how to teach dogs to go to the toilet
    or a simple one is to bring dogs for cage before going out. Half half is a residence. When you come out, you will think that the cage seems to be a place to urinate, and you can put the cage in the bathroom or balcony in the future.

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