4 thoughts on “The dog is too thin, how can I feed fat?”

  1. Most of the owners want their little pets to be white and fat. If everyone raises dogs is relatively thin, we can choose to feed some dog food to the dogs, or you can choose to eat some cooked dogs to cook some cooked cooked cooked. Meat. Many owners always feel that dogs can only eat dog food. In fact, this is not the case. Dog food cannot meet the nutrition needed by the dog's body. We can also give the dogs to eat some vegetables and fruits. Usually you can also take a dog out to play, which can also promote digestion and absorption.
    . How to make the dog getting fatter? Some dogs are thinner, which may be caused by malnutrition, so we can also buy some nutrient creams for dogs. After the dogs have eaten, we can also choose to eat some fruits for the dogs to help the dog supplement Nutrition, like some adult dogs. If it is too thin, the life expectancy will not be particularly long. We can also take a dog to a pet hospital to see why the dog is so thin, and then help the dog for treatment.
    . The dog's three meals a day. In fact, the three meals of dogs will not be particularly rich a day. In addition to some dog food, we need to prepare some meat for the dogs. You can choose to drink some milk for the dog. Meat. After the dog eats, eat some high nutrition for the dog, or give the dog some vegetables and fruits. Some dogs are particularly clear, maybe because there are some parasites in the body, so we can also take the dog to remove insects.
    . Summary. The above are some ways to get fatter, but it is recommended that if our dogs are particularly thin, then it is definitely because the dog's body is not so healthy. In addition to the insects in the belly I have some diseases. Generally, adult dogs are more eaten, and everyone can observe their dogs.

  2. You can choose to adjust your diet reasonably for the dog, give the dog a little bit of bones, buy dog ​​food with high nutritional value, usually take the dog out to walk out, so that the dog's appetite can be better, and it should be appropriate Add some lean meat or chicken breasts to it, so that the dog must ensure a good diet, eat less and eat less.

  3. Be sure to pay attention to your diet. Give it more nutritious foods, clean and hygienic, let it infect bacteria or viruses, let it go out to exercise, and enhance its physique.

  4. You can add more dog food in life. You can add more nutrition to feed fat, and you should usually eat more staple food for dogs. The time for walking the dog should be reduced.

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