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  1. Treating this kind of dog owner must be very patient, take more time to accompany and play games with the dog, you can gently stroke the dog's back, soothe it again and again. The dog is very smart and spiritual. Will get close to you slowly.
    Generally the timid dogs are at home, and they are at home for a long time with a long -term at home. You can take it out to play.
    The dogs are like children. They often do not touch the outside world at home. They will be afraid of giving birth. The shoveling officer will bring out more and play, and will not be timid as they increase.
    This shoveling officer can usually bring more dogs and other healthy puppies. In the "dog circle", it can let it learn a lot of social skills, survival instincts and class concepts, enrich the dog's circle of friends, slowly slowly Dogs will become cheerful and generous, but be careful not to force the dog, otherwise it will make it more scared. If you are more resistant at first, you can take it to play it nearby. So scared.

  2. Dogs
    Dogs do not have socialization when they do n’t have socialization, and they will often be very timid, and they will even accidentally hurt humans. So what causes the dog's timid behavior? I will analyze the main reason why dogs are timid.
    . The puppies are not taken care of
    This puppies are easy to form a stable and difficult to change memory of the external damage stimulus. Therefore, during this period, a safe environment should be created so that puppies will not be unintentionally stimulated.
    . It was once improper corporal punishment. The fear of people in my heart can not calm down in a short time.
    . The new environment is not adapted
    . After the dog returns home, it may not be adapted to the new environment. It is afraid of the strange environment. Lost partners and familiar people, so you feel lonely, so it is normal to call calling. Intersection
    . Dog's body type
    In recent years, due to the overcapacity of popular dog breeds, there are more and more chilling dogs with weak and small body shapes. Therefore, more and more Chihuahua dogs become too nervous and timid, and they will be called without control.

  3. Pet dogs are becoming more and more common in our lives. Compared to ordinary dogs, they have been loved by too many masters, and they also enjoy the prosperity and wealth that other dogs cannot enjoy. But even if they are the palms in the master's hands, the owner will still deliberately exercise them for some of their own bad character. The owner also hopes to see that they can break through themselves and build more confidence for themselves. Dogs have become a problem for many owners. Many people raise pet dogs to find a dependence on their hearts. Seeing that their dogs are unwilling to get close to themselves, or they are prone to hostile to strangers. The phenomenon is not a good thing for the owner. Is there any way to help dogs change their courageous problems? Of course.
    First of all, we must solve the problem of the dog's courageous problem. First, we must know the root cause of this problem. The dog's courage is nothing more than several cases. The first is related to the previous experience of the dog. If the dog has suffered a trauma before and left a lot of shadows for the future life, this comes on them. It is a step that is difficult to get out. In this case, it is easy to cause the dog's courageous problems. The second is the care that the owner gives them. The feelings between people are mutual, and the relationship between dogs and people is no exception. The time of the owner accompanied the dog also directly affects the dog's character. Pet dogs are different from ordinary. Pet dogs are very very very different. Fear of loneliness and no sense of security. It hopes that someone can always accompany it. If the owner is busy with work or other things that cannot be accompanied by the dog, they will also have a cowardly problem. The third is the character of the dog itself. Some dogs are born with being bold. This is their nature. For such dogs, it is not a matter of overnight to change their courageous character.
    It the reason why the dog is brave before you can apply the right medicine. According to the actual situation of the dog, find the reason for them, and then adjust it with half the effort on the original basis. If the dog is cowardly because of the shadow left before, the owner needs to touch them more so that the dog can feel the care of the owner and gradually come out of the shadow. If the dog is timid because of loneliness, the owner can improve this personality by accompanying them. Of course, if the dog is born with timid character, the owner also needs to give them more patience, accompany and help them grow together, and spend this difficulty together.
    It through this article, I think everyone can see that if you want to help the dog's customer service timid, you need the joint efforts of the dog and the owner to quickly achieve results.
    I I am Murachi, a senior dog raising person, you can click to contact me, all dog questions answer online, I hope the dogs in the world can be healthy and happy!

  4. Hello!
    It the dog may not adapt to the new environment after returning home, and he is afraid of the strange environment, so he is brave and does not like to eat! Then you lose your partner and familiar person, so you feel lonely, so it is normal for love to call!
    It, you have to play with her more, and build a relationship with it gradually! It is the best way to establish feelings with puppies to feed snacks! Pay attention to speaking, not too big, try to be gentle as possible to avoid scaring the dog! Otherwise, the dog will think of your call as a roar, and it will avoid you! The curiosity of puppies is generally heavy. You can find some things with many colors to play it, such as small color balls and small flower cloth balls, but you must ensure that these toys are not toxic (chemical waste ingredients). Buy well, puppies health is important!
    Secondly, playing too much during the day, you can sleep well at night! Ha ha! If the dog is restless when he sleeps at night and screams, let the dog sleep in the place where you can see you, or turn on the lights to sleep, and put music to make the dog eliminate fear! Generally, you can be quiet in 3-5 days!
    This reminder: vaccination and deworming of dogs on time are the greatest guarantee for dog health!
    Is my answer can help you. If you feel satisfied, please adopt the best answer! Thanks!

  5. Dogs are not confident enough. There are two ways to make it confident: 1. Build a trust relationship with the owner. Some owners are fearless in the dog ..2. Fat -up. Generally speaking, the dog is still small. It will be much better. Time problem.

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