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  1. Do not have a puppies with stench in Bomei puppies. Dogs are likely to have diseases such as anal glands or ear mites; no puppies with skin diseases, and the treatment of skin diseases is also a big problem; Puppies, this is the symptoms of unhealthy dogs; puppies with loss of appetite. Choose Bomei puppies: If you do n’t have stench puppies, if Bomei puppies have large body odor, then dogs are likely to have physical diseases, such as anal glands inflammation, ear mites, skin diseases, etc. Buyers should carefully observe whether the dog's body is abnormal, and it is recommended not to buy dogs with somatoscopy. However, after buying home, the owner should also pay attention to the daily cleaning of the dog, take a bath, and brush the teeth regularly.

    S selection of Bomei puppies: puppies without skin diseases When choosing a Bomei puppies, it is recommended to observe Bomei hair skin at a close range. Don't choose the phenomenon. This kind of puppies are weak and poor, and the treatment of skin diseases is also a big problem. During the breeding process, the owner should also pay attention to regularly helping the dog's hair to take a bath. After taking a shower, you must remember to blow dry hair in time, otherwise the humid hair can easily cause the dog to suffer from skin diseases.

    S selection of Bomei puppies: Do not make the eyes red, and the puppies with heavy tear marks Bomei puppies If the eyes are red and have serious tear marks, it is recommended not to choose. Because the tears are very heavy, it may be the congenital gene or ophthalmological disease of the dog, which is the symptoms of unhealthy dogs. When breeding Bomei, pay attention to the lightness of the dog's diet, because Bomei is a dog with tear marks easily. Try to feed low salt dog food that can not be ignited. It can effectively remove tear marks, and drink more water to drink water.

    The puppies: Picking puppies and dogs with loss of appetite are more lively. They are very interested in food. If you find that Bomei puppies are not interested in food, appetite is not indifferent, it is recommended not buying. Essence Most of the dogs with loss of appetite may be sick, and severe diseases such as small, canine plague and other diseases. When choosing, try to choose a lively and love dog. The appetite is good to some extent that the dog is healthy.

    S selection of Bomei puppies: Don't run to the dog market when buying Bomei puppies for buying Bomei puppies. Some puppies who look very cheap are likely to be week Dogs, after all, a penny. It is recommended to buy a dog to go to a qualified dog house and pet shop. At least it can guarantee that you can buy a healthy Bomei puppy, which is more secure.

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