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  1. How to reduce fire from dogs:
    1. You can try to eat some raw egg white for the dogs. Some dog dads and dogs think this is a very useful method.
    of course, you must pay special attention when you eat egg whites for dogs. Do not feed too much, because you eat more egg whites dogs are prone to diarrhea. The owner needs to decide the weight of the egg whites based on the actual situation of the dog.

    2. You can also give pet dogs to eat heart lotus slices, or drink herbal tea. These are commonly used by people, but it may not be indispensable to apply it on the dog. However Before eating the dog, you must figure out the weight that can be eaten. Because the dog's body structure is completely different from humans.

    3. Give it some mung bean soup, or eat some drugs directly.

  2. After the dog gets angry, it shows: dry stool, yellow red. Sometimes the eyes have secretions.
    The reasons:
    The proteinase activity in the dog's body is insufficient, resulting in protein cannot be decomposed into amino acids, cannot be absorbed in the form of amino acids in the intestine. Causes heavy breath and stomach.

    The protein in dog food is high, and a large number of B vitamins are required to help digestion and absorption. If the dog B vitamin intake is insufficient or spent too much, it will easily lead to fire.

    Inopobiotics: The decrease in the number of probiotics will cause harmful bacteria to form an advantageous flora, and the metabolism of harmful bacteria produces a large amount of toxins.
    It proposed probiotics and B vitamin products are used to reduce the fire caused by dog ​​food. These two are on the E pet, the original poster, go and see

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