How can a dog sell in Qingyuan?

I want to buy a Pomeranian, I don’t know how to sell it. It is best to be from Qingcheng District or a small market. I live in Taihe Town, Xingxin County, which is closer ~ Thank you ~~

5 thoughts on “How can a dog sell in Qingyuan?”

  1. There are many places for sale, there are many streets in Affiliated Hospital! Or the Tom dog pet shop opposite the triangle market.

  2. It is best not to buy it outside, many of them are deceiving, what needles and the like. It is better to find someone you know. At least ensure that the puppy is healthy.

  3. After getting off the bus at Longpatang, that is, after getting off at Shuguang Road Station, he walked towards the Beijiang River, and passed an old river base.

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