Pet dogs are dead, what should I do? If you are reluctant, you can’t find a place to bury it

Pet dogs are dead, what should I do? If you are reluctant to be reluctant, you ca n’t find a place. The places of the electric pole are not allowed to bury it. Even if it is sneaky, I still feel very reluctant. Which pet tombs are activated, which is a bit exaggerated. Essence Essence What are the good ways everyone

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  1. I don't know where you are? Zhengzhou has a pet love tree base, that is, when the pet dies, you can buy it in a fixed place, planting a tree with a tree card with a dog photo on it, which is very beautiful. The saplings are specially managed by the administrator, and the owner can see it at any time.

    I I think this method is very good, environmentally friendly and green, and always feel like the dog's life has become a small tree. In another way, it exists and has been renovated and continued. It is much better than those luxurious tombs, I really feel unnecessary. But pets are also life. There should be a dignified place after death. You cannot throw it into the trash.

    This base is not bad. It should also be initiated by people who love pets. Even if the management fee is not called management fee, it is only owned by the sapling base and will not pull out the saplings.

    You can refer to this method. If you are in Zhengzhou. The charge is not expensive, I remember a total of hundreds of dollars.
    58 and the market should be able to find contact information, I don’t know if it can be transported in the field

  2. Still buried ... Take a car to the suburbs, find a good place, and let it rest ... Because if you think the pet grave is hot and exaggerated, there is another way you will feel more exaggerated ... that is to make a specimen and continue to accompany yourself to accompany yourself However, this kind of business has not heard of it at present.

  3. Go to the suburbs or forests to find a block and bury it. You must not throw it away. After all, you have lived together and have feelings ~

  4. Find a forest, such as a small park in the park and buried my dog ​​and died in the pine forest beside the railway. I hope to rest in heaven.

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