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  1. Chihuahua dogs (details introduction)
    Nowadays, dogs are no longer a pet, many people treat dogs as a popular, so they often spend a lot of money on dogs. Come to dress for them, natural clothing is an indispensable part. But dogs like to wear clothes? It seems that we have not sought the opinions of dogs, just to do this to satisfy our aesthetics.

    The dogs do not like to wear clothes very much. This is just our will to impose on them, but they cannot resist. For short -haired dogs, wearing clothes may be fine, but for long -haired dogs, clothes will make them feel uncomfortable, and some materials of clothes are very easy to cause dogs to be electrostatic. Although static electricity cannot cause substantial harm to dogs, it has a certain impact on their bodies.
    . Some owners are not particularly diligent in cleaning the clothes. It may only be cleaned once for a long time, and it is easy to breed bacteria for long -term clothes on the dog. Essence
    So if we can put two clothes for dogs in a relatively cold winter, we must be cleaned diligently. As for long -haired dogs, there is nothing to wear to wear for them. Cold weather will only stimulate them to grow thicker and thicker.

  2. This is completely unnecessary. The dog itself is wearing a beautiful and warm hair. Even a short -haired dog like Chihuahua can still maintain the temperature required by the body in the cold winter. Putting on clothes for dogs will hinder the growth of dog hair and disturb the natural cold prevention effect of the dog's body, which weakens its resistance.
    Suquatal fiber clothes are the enemy of dogs. The friction of the dog's fur and chemical fiber clothes will generate static electricity, and the electrostatic will produce sparks and easily absorb the dust, so that the dog's hair will be soiled.

  3. In fact, it also depends on the dog's natural preference. Most dogs still don't like it, but it can't be said that the dogs don't like it. My dog ​​is born to wear clothes and bells. The clothes, with a bell, feels so angry that he is everywhere. When he picks it up, he will find it everywhere.

  4. Solution in this way
    This idea is very bad and bad. Do n’t blame me
    It if you have a little money, buy some wolf skin to cut into a jacket
    ok ~ Take off his hair and then. .. 0V-
    In after 505 3 seconds haha ​​~~ You bought a wolf

  5. In my opinion, it should not be liked. Under normal circumstances, dogs do not wear clothes. People insist on letting them put them on. of.

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