What kind of insect deworming medicine is used for puppies

What kind of insect deworming medicine is used for puppies

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  1. Due to the light weight of puppies, it is generally recommended to use in vitro deworming medicines for the first time. Such drugs are safe than the body in vivo deworming drugs. Usually the puppies are first carried out in vitro during January. The main use of drugs containing non -Podononi ingredients is mainly used for treatment. In vitro deworming, drugs containing non -Banger components can be used for deworming in vivo. In addition, it can also be used directly in the body and outside the body.

  2. The puppies are generally removed for the first time around the full moon
    . The puppies before six months ago, the puppies and adult dogs after six months after six months, the puppies and adult dogs were repeated. Once
    The specific interval time of insect repellent is mainly related to the growth cycle of parasites in the dog's body. Generally, parasites develop from eggs to adults, which takes 2 to 3 months. Dogs, deworming once every three months! Intersection Intersection
    If deworming, it is recommended to choose high -efficiency, broad -spectrum, and safe deworming medicine, such as "Bai Shi Qing" in Bayer, Germany

  3. Which pet deworming medicine is better? Is so many insect repellent medicine give your pet right? Video to understand

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