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  1. Boxer dogs (details introduction)
    The good habits of dogs are inseparable from the owner's education. Master, so the owner must be correct for the education method of dogs. Can you fight if the dog is not obedient? This method is very not recommended. This will only make the training effect worse and worse, and even let your dog alienate you.

    It we know that dogs are a very smart and alert animal. They have the most intimate relationship with humans and understand the psychology of human beings. Once the dog is identified, the owner will not change. Even if the owner is fiercely at it, the dog will definitely not change its loyalty and obedience to the owner. Of course, dogs are obedient, but there are also naughty.
    The dog itself also has a strong self -esteem, and it will also be sad when the self -esteem is hurt. If it is beaten by the owner, the psychological damage will be more serious. Generally speaking, it is not advocated to fight dogs. Even in the process of training, when the dog performs poorly, you can punish it without malicious abuse. Of course, in order to reflect the severity of punishment and let pet dogs remember some things better, you can lightly pat your head, but such a beat is definitely not malicious.
    It, we can use the love stick when punishing the dog. It does not hurt to hit the dog on the dog, but it will make some sounds make the dog quiet. It can be said that it is a good educational dog Dog equipment. It is not advisable to fight punishment when you educate dogs, because doing so that dogs will have a fear of yourself, making it more and more difficult to get close to you.

  2. It is said that the filial piety is hit, it seems that you are more educated towards sticks! Seriously, the dog is not obedient, and it is okay to fight properly, but you hit it too hard, and you should have n’t raised the dog before, I see what you wrote. Essence Essence Dogs are very smart animals. When you hit it, you have to speak with it. You have to tell it why he was beaten while fighting. If you are good, you can say anything. Understand, you are beaten and kicked for no reason. It does n’t bite you. Then it is not a dog. The dog has no temper. It is really better to have rabbits to play! The obedient dogs are trained, not just fighting, you can only cause the dog's rebellious heart! I don't know how old your dog is, but I told you that the best age for training puppies is between half years old and one year old. Before one year old, the puppy's intelligence has not developed. After one year old, puppy has developed Some problems and personality will cause difficulties in training.
    If your dog is less than one year old, it is equivalent to babies in his heart. You just hit it, it will never change it, because it does not know how it is wrong!以前我认识一家子人,那家里有个女的50多岁,把狗都给宠上天去了,从来没打过,就是把她儿子给咬了,她儿子说了狗几句,那女的She was still anxious at her son, and then the dog shouted at the woman's son! I used to hate their dogs the most, and I also specialized in that woman, treating dogs as their ancestors! I also love dogs, but I will never dot in love. The dogs are not obedient, and I will fight properly, but I will tell it loudly with my hands. Change, but I will never see the dog doing wrong, just start the beating directly, and the dog is also skillful. How can I throw it? The dog is too fragile. Do it, and it is not even better to hit a dog! You can fart, and you won't hurt the dog, but don't make it again! There are a lot of dog raising now. There is a misunderstanding. I always think that the dog likes to be touched. Every time I stroke the dog's head, the dog will slowly close my eyes. To sleep, in fact, it is not the other. Stroking the dog's head will cause the dog to have dizziness and make the dog comfortable with the chin and the neck! So even touch your head as much as possible, let alone hit the head. Even if you do n’t know the dog, people must be clear, and people ’s minds are as fragile. The dogs are the same. Dog's head

  3. It must be played, but because it is too small, you ca n’t force it, you can raise it high, let it see, let it scare, and then fell quickly, but beat his ass with a small strength, but do n’t hit the tail to the tail superior. This can not only play the role of intimidation, but not feel bad.

  4. Of course, you can fight, but don't fight frequently.
    The just hit it twice and warn it.
    Then accompany it to play to cultivate its consciousness.

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