4 thoughts on “The one -state blind -guided dog is "taken away".”

  1. It should be treated according to the crime of theft.
    The guide dogs have been taken away. This is suspected of theft. The cost of animal theft is much higher than that of a professional blind dog with a training cost of up to 200,000. It constitutes the crime of theft and shall be handled in accordance with the crime of theft. According to the amount involved, it should be sentenced to 3 to 7 years in prison and a certain amount of fines.
    The guide dog is the eyes of blind people. It is not easy to apply for a qualified guide dog. It is not easy to train a qualified guide dog, and it takes about 200,000. After the guide dog was taken away, the owner of the guide dog and the training base of the guide dog were in a hurry to choose to call the police. The police also actively paid attention to this case. On the second day, I found the guide dog who was taken away, and asked the owner of the guide dog to lead the guide dog home from the police station.
    In the information provided by the police, this guide dog was taken away by a strange middle -aged man near the owner's house, and then disappeared in the monitoring picture near the national highway because he wore a helmet and mask I couldn't identify his face, and found this middle -aged man after a multi -party investigation, but the middle -aged man believed that this was just an ordinary dog ​​and did not realize that he had sinned. How high.
    In after retiring the guidance dog, the owner did not investigate the other party's legal responsibility. In fact, the other party's behavior has constituted the master of theft to Meng Tian. If he is held accountable, he will face criminal punishment. It may be sentenced to 3 to 7 years in prison. Although the owner of this guide dog give up the responsibility of the other party, the relevant departments must also increase the supervision. This unscrupulous dog stealing behavior exists. Don't let these people think that stealing animals is not a crime. my country's criminal law clearly stipulates that the stolen company's property belongs to theft, and the guide dog is also a personal property. It belongs to personal property, so stealing the guide dog is also a crime.

  2. Stealing animals are generally punished for theft, and the degree of punishment should be determined according to the market value of the animal.

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