4 thoughts on “What is the difference between pet dogs and family dogs”

  1. The difference between pet dogs and family dogs is: different purposes, different choices, different food properties.
    . Different purposes
    1. Pet dogs: People are nourishing in order to eliminate loneliness or out of entertainment.
    2, family dog: People are raised in order to see the home nursing homes.
    . Choose different
    1, Pet Dog: Choose pet dogs with small, cute, docile as the main direction.
    2, family dog: Choose a family dog ​​with loyalty, mighty, and obedient.
    . Different food properties
    1. Pet dogs: Faying pet dogs are generally mainly pet feed.
    2, family dog: feeding home dogs are generally the main meals, as well as feeding specific pet feed.

  2. Pet dogs are more resistant than home dogs, so they should pay attention to diet and life. On the outside, pet dogs are more beautiful. Pure -breed pet dogs can participate in the competition, get bonuses, and make money after breeding. If you make a partner dog, I think there is no difference between home dogs and pet dogs, and it can also bring joy.

  3. Family dogs may be looking at the door dogs, that is, the rural areas in the countryside, and they don't care so much. Pet dogs are for this raising ~ better than people, haha, my Labrador's Labrador belongs to Princess ~~~

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