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  1. How to make clothes for two months of puppies, and find detailed steps

    A beautiful fit pet version, which is not only comfortable to wear on your baby, but also Recruiting other people's envy eyes, making you a master, you feel glory, and also satisfy your baby's little vanity!

    The clothes of dogs appeared on the Internet now, but the size is not easy to master, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. In this case, it is better to make a clothes for the dogs that I use it by myself. Intersection Simple and full of love.

    . The size of the dog's clothes

    We can refer to the figure below to measure the size with a soft leather ruler. Courageous.


    . Cut into the following appearance

    I wearing a piece of cloth and cut it below Oh, we measure the length of the neck position, and we have to measure the position of the legs. If the back is long, we can according to our own needs, long and short.

    This to cut it like this

    three, suture

    We only need to suture the blue part in the figure below, nail the pink parts with small buttons on a small button A simple piece of clothes can be done!


    . Display

    Plip is probably the following way, we can also make some lace, hats, etc. Wait for decoration.

    This suture effect

    . I have done it myself, haha, I haven't seen any tutorials.

    The most important thing to make dog clothes is the "measurement" of a good dog, that is, the neck, length and bust.

    has two ways:

    1. First buy a ready -made suitable dog wearing clothes, and measure the neck, body length and bust of the clothes according to the size of the clothes. Find a suitable color fabric to draw it with chalk and start tailoring. If you do it for the first time, it is recommended to use a newspaper to try it first. After it is appropriate, use a newspaper to cut the fabric and cut it. After cutting, you can sew.

    2. If you do n’t buy ready -made clothes, jump directly to the second half of the first step, measure the measurement of the dog, and try it with a newspaper ... This requires many times to ensure the dog’s Follow the clothes.

    The first method when I first did it, it was appropriate to get it a few times.

    . Thank you, I will only

    The cloth according to the dog's early measurement, roll up like the following, cut the semi -circular shape in the position of the forelimb, and open it after opening. It is a complete circle, which can just let the puppy's two front feet extend from here:

    In the order in the figure to gradually sew in the order of the figure. With the dog movement, we may wish to sew a few more lines to ensure that the well -made dog clothes are durable;

    because there is a tail on the PP Put some materials slightly forward, so that the tail is not covered by clothes. Use scissors to reduce a large V -shaped in the front film, which looks good and simple.

    The remaining is decoration and packaging, which can be done with chiffon or silk.

    It two personalized buttons on the back, making puppy clothes more cute and cute.

    It the process of making simple puppy clothes, detailed! Intersection Intersection
    Tools: cloth, scissors, ruler, sewing machines that are not used.

    1. First, use the ruler to measure the size of the puppy's body, and then measure the cloth.

    2, then start production, sew the pattern in the figure below, pay attention to the range of the action so that they are as strong as possible.

    3, then cut a hole in the tail of the clothes to show the puppy's tail.

    4, next, start with sewing machine along the stitching machine.

    5, at the end, you can sew a bow, and then the production is completed.

    I I am too good at it, I make clothes for our dogs every day the easiest way: take a piece of cloth, preferably a little larger than the dog's waist circumference. Then stitch, the barrel cloth of the dog's waist. Determine the side of the clothes that are urinated after the stomach. On the belly, the mouth of the two front legs was cut into the mouth of half and the middle of the two sides. In the last step, take a part of the neck and make great achievements ~ Look at it, hee hee.

    The process of making dog clothes (Figure)
    The whole process of making dog clothes:

    1, ingredients: cotton (50 × 50 cm), various types of fragmented lace Essence

    2, start to do the back body: first draw the half of the back on the paper and cut it.

    3, fold the cloth facing inside.

    4, cut paper -like cuts, it is best to be slightly larger than paper -like.

    5. Start making the front film, and first cut the paper on the paper.

    6, go to the back, sew.

    7, rear decoration: sew it first.

    8, decoration.

    9. Finally nail the sleeve on the clothes, and the collar sews the lace here.

    The neck circumference: The neck circumference refers to the length of the dog's neck. Release 1 cm wide balance.

    The bust: Breast 围 refers to a circle of week long in the widest part of its front leg root. Usually, it is also the most fatter place for pets. Due to the thick hair of this place, the hair is thick and thick. There are many meats, so it is difficult to measure accurately. Generally, at least 2 to 3 cm should be released.

    The tailor -length: Please note that it is not its entire body length, but the length from the back of its neck to the tail. When measuring the length, we must let the dog stand upright, the body is fully expanded, do not lie on or lie, and it is not allowed to measure without expanding.

    Is to make more delicate pet costumes, it is best to measure the length of its legs, the distance between the front legs, and the length of the lower body. Some special sample pets also require specific parts and specific measurements. For example, some dogs have formed a beer belly due to excess nutrition, so the size of the abdomen in its clothing production process should be released. Accuracy.

    How to make dog clothes, four feet, illustrate
    1) According to the actual size of the dog, cut a piece of clothing main fabric and two pieces of clothes sleeve fabric.

    2) The sleeves of the clothes are sutured and fixed after folding, and the two sleeves are also treated.

    3) Put the two sleeves on the left and right cuffs, and sew the sleeve and cuffs together.

    4) Fold the side of the rolling edge and fold 1 cm inward, fold it again, and then wrap around the clothes around the clothes.

    5) Three pairs of dark buckles on the left and right stitching of the clothes, and then decorate the cuffs with lace, so that the dog clothes are made ***.

    In ingredients: cotton (50 × 50 cm), all kinds of fragmented lace

    R n
    This facing the facing inside, right, remember that the cloth should be slightly larger than the paper -like sample ~

    This paper -like cuts the back film, it is best to be slightly larger than paper. Take a look at the photo ~ You can't change it when you do a small!

    The first film, first cut paper samples on the paper

    to do the sewing ~


    Sewing the side first

    . Make decoration bear:

    finally nail the sleeve on the clothes, the collar is sewed on the lace
    The completion ~~ Give the dog to try it on, and then set it in New Zinzi in the most suitable position ~

  2. Teddy dog ​​four -legged clothing method
    Capons according to the dog's early measurement, cut the semi -circular shape at the position of the forelimb, and it will be a complete circle after opening. Stretch out from here. Gradually sew it with needle lines. Note that the front and rear slices are connected to be pulled because of the dog movement, so we might as well sew a few more lines to ensure that the good dog clothes are durable enough. Because there is a tail on the PP, the front pieces of the clothes are slightly more materials than the back film, so that the tail is not covered by the clothes. Use scissors to reduce a large V -shaped in the front film, which looks good and simple. The rest is decoration and packaging, which can be done with chiffon or silk.

    The expansion:

    1. Introduction:

    Teddy is one of the beauty styles of poodles. The poodle originated from Germany and is known for its hunting in the water. It belongs to a very smart and like hunting dog species. For many years, it has been considered a French dog. Poodles are divided into giant dogs, standard dogs, mini dogs, and toy dogs (including tea cup dogs) according to the size of the body size. The main difference between them is the body shape. Feeling can bring people a pleasant mood.

    . The appearance characteristics

    This color is very changeable, including white, gray, blue, silver, Olei brown, apricot, red, black, etc. There will still be a variety of shades in different positions in the body. For example, the hair of the ears will be deeper, and the color on the chest is lighter. Many breeding people in the United States will use different colors of VIPs to reproduce different colors of flower VIPs with different colors. Dog. Among them, the most expensive is gray teddy, and the price VIPs are now getting more and more expensive. This is determined by the market supply and demand relationship. The lowest price is Black Teddy and White Teddy.

    Due to genetic instability, about 80%of brown (red) Teddy dog ​​hair color and nose color will become lighter after adulthood. This is not because of less sunlight, so it is found that the color becomes lighter It is wrong to let the dog illuminate the sun's calcium supplementation, but it should not be exposed to the sun in the sun for a long time.

    How to make dog's clothes simple
    This dog vest without sleeves is very simple, you can come to learn

    Measure the measurement

    The neck circumference: is the perimeter of the position of the neck circle. This position is the location of the neckline of the clothes. Measure it for one centimeter.

    It bust: Usually, here is also the most fatter place for pets. Because of this place, the accuracy of measurement is difficult to grasp. Generally, at least two are released. By three centimeters.

    The length of their neck to the root of the tail. It should be noted that when measuring the length of the body, you must let your pet stand straight, the body is fully expanded, do not lie on your stomach or sit on your stomach or sitting. If this will be greatly reduced to the accuracy of the measurement scale.

    Reference table


    1 Step: Switch to the front fabric and rear sheet lining

    2 Step 2: Switch to the shoulder line together

    3 Step 3: Simply make a small collar, suture the general with the clothes. Finally, make a button for the clothes. Cut it down, and then sew your mouth. Of course, you have to show your feet. At least the first two legs are exposed! You can also add some accessories on the chest ... It's OK together. If you are big, you are changing it. How to change your good depends on your own ~~

    The people who have puppies in the family know that if you buy a puppy Followed clothes are not so easy. If you can't get the most ideal one, you need to do it yourself.

    Tools/raw materials


    R n

    In from the middle of the dog, the measurement ruler measures from the middle to the tail, to the top of the head, and the length of the front chest measured to the lower end. Records;

    The length of length and a circle, which are the length and width of the required fabric

    Choose a skirt or other silk weaving items, of course Soft is more comfortable. Generally, some striped clothes are printed. Of course, you can also choose the flashing sequins with the bell bell

    to make the upper body first. According to the measurement of the first part, the dog's measurement result can be drawn on a large piece of paper, draw down, and then use clothes to compare, make the excess length as a mark, and cut off. In the place where you put it in, you usually reserve more space

    and then make your lower body. Generally, skirts are used. The same reason is compared with the length on the paper. Remember that the skirt needs to double the data you measured, because considering the circle

    In in order to facilitate dressing and undressing for dogs, you can in dog clothes. Add a zipper on the side

    The last link. The fabric that was cut off just now is tailored. Needle line, but it is easier to break). If the zipper is not, you can find the store to help you work

    Then a beautiful clothes can give the dog to try on



    Because the dog needs to use urine space, you need to consider it

    Wash it in advance, otherwise the dog will be uncomfortable

    Oh, of course, it is best to knit sweaters, but not every girl will be more difficult. I have a fool's method. Finding old clothes that do not wear, just use sleeves or pants legs, cut it down according to the length of the baby, it is tube -shaped, it is useless to cut into a cloth. , Cut four leg holes, the puppy dog ​​cuts one more hole. If you want a sleeve, you can cut a cloth and sew it into a thin tube. Winter clothing can choose the wool but it is easy to drop the head. It is best to make the fabric like a sports jacket. The clothes of spring and autumn are convenient. My dog's clothes are made of this, which is very convenient. Sometimes I don't bother to wash it when wearing dirty, cut again, haha:

    The four -corner clothes method of dogs
    is actually very simple, depending on what you want to do, and dogs are dogs What do you like! My dog ​​doesn't like quadrocrity trousers, so I usually do not have legs for him. Take a look at you! The Tang costumes and the keys on the photo were made by me! The clothes you buy for the dog are either big or small, the most suitable for yourself! I am a cloth specially bought for dogs. The process is not very complicated, but it is not easy to make it clear. If you want to learn, find me privately! Very simple, you can learn it!

    How to make dog vests
    The method of making dog vests as follows:

    1. Main materials

    cloth (cloth (cloth (cloth (cloth (cloth (cloth (cloth (cloth (cloth Here are the square towels of the cover of the microwave), the mother buckle, the needle wire, the scissors

    , the production step

    , the part of the good dog's front leg, dig out the part of the dog, dig the part of the good dog, dig the part of the good dog, dig the part of the good dog, dig the part of the good dog. Two holes are wrapped in a thread edge, above.

    2. The part of the collar is reflected and cut a one -inch mouth (for the collar).

    3. A row of mother buckles on each side of the cloth.

    4. Completed! The lower left is positive, and the lower right is the back.

    as shown in the figure:


    1, combine the fabric and lining, and suture the sleeve with the body and the surrounding area.

    2, the shoulder line on the surface.

    3, sew the fabric and lining together.

    4, upper collar.

    5, the upper collar, the combination of the sleeve and the body, and ordering the buckle.

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