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  1. There are two types of dog repellent internal deworming and in vitro deworming. It can be driven once every 3 months in the body. If the dog has the habit of picking up garbage, it may need to be deworming once a month. In vitro deworming, it is recommended to do it once a month, because the dog's hair is relatively long and basically goes to the grass every day, so the chance of infection with parasites will be very high. Regular in vitro deworming Effective ways of insect infection.
    The commercialized pet deworming medicine on the market can be purchased. The pet owner only needs to choose the appropriate dose according to the age and weight of the dog. Common insect repellent is oral, drops, and neck types. The pet owner can choose according to the insect repellent spectrum and more convenient usage.
    This is recommended to use the imported body deworming medicine. Generally, it should be taken in the early morning on an empty stomach. The dose of the weight is distributed according to the instructions. The more obedient dogs can be fed directly. Dogs with poor stomachs are recommended to mix with dog food to reduce intestinal stimulation. The only disobedient is forced to put the medicine on the dog's tongue, pinching his mouth with your hands, until the dog has a swallowing action, it is enough. In addition, the internal deworm is to observe the stool of the dog.

  2. Pay attention to it shortly after the dog is born. Dog deworming in life means that dogs eat insect repellent tablets to drive away parasites in the dog's body. Common bodys such as insects, tapeworms, tapeworms, ballgins, etc. These parasites seriously affect the daily life and physical health of dogs.

    The drugs for dogs to be deworming, and pet hospitals are sold. There are usually two types of insect repellent medicines in pet hospitals. Domestic and imported. If parents do not understand which type of insect repellent should be used, you can ask your doctor first. Note that you must choose regular channels for pet dogs, or buy from pet hospitals. Instead of buying some three -free products to be cheap, there is a great hidden danger for the health of the dog.

    It also pay attention to the weight of dogs and insect repellent drugs. Pet doctors are strictly determined by the dog's weight in strict accordance with the weight of the dog, so you must also strictly follow the regulations when you feed the dogs to feed the dog. Don't think that after taking three quarters of drugs, one quarter is a bit waste. Fortunately, all of them are given to the dogs. This kind of approach is completely wrong. If the situation is serious Life.

  3. The correct deworming of dogs is mainly divided into two aspects. The first is the first comprehensive deworming, the second is timing deworming, and the following is a specific deworming solution.

    The first deworming:
    While puppies or adult dogs, the first deworming is needed, because the dog's body parasites in the body of the dog's body Worms are not only one type, but also parasites are not clean at once, so different drugs need to be used for repeated use of insect repellent.
    The first deworming of dogs, special deworming medicines for long spectrum pets, after taking insect repellent, 5-7 days will take the same deworming medicine again. If the dog, pull out the bugs inside If you need to take this insect repellent again, if you do n’t see the dog, pull out the bugs, you do n’t need to eat it again.
    Is after taking the broad -spectrum deworming medicine, we can also give the dog some drugs that repel the ball, because the broad -spectrum deworming medicine cannot be driven, so we need to take it alone. The medicine usually takes about a week in a row.
    The timed deworming:
    Because of the problem of dog living habits, it is not necessary to repeat the dog's deworming. Instead, you need to do it every 1-3 months. You only need to take a wide range of deworming medicine. The deworming medicine of the leaflet can be taken every half a year or a year.
    This reminder:
    This dogs take deworming medicines from time to time, it is a very good habit, but in addition to taking insect repellent, we also need to work hard when we usually feed, such as not giving them them. Eat some raw foods to ensure the cleaning of water drinking water, keep the dog's bowl and the clean and hygienic of water basin, do these well, and cooperate with timely deworming, then the dog's parasites will not appear.

  4. Buy some pills. Put it in the dog's diet. For example, in the water he drinks, let him eat into his stomach in the meal he eats and then look at the rabbit it pulled out. Clean up in time and destroy.

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