5 thoughts on “How to distinguish whether the dog has a chip”

  1. 1. The chip should be beaten under the skin. If you touch the neck of the neck, do you have a protruding object, half a grain of rice size.
    2, scan it with a scanner to see if there is any response. There are hospitals for chip.
    3, miniature chip is an automatic recognition technology. Generally speaking, these miniature chips are used to store and transmit information related to a specific person or something. They can be implanted, temporarily inserted, or simply attached to an object by injection or surgery. Because they use radio frequency signals to pass the stored information, they are called RF recognition.

  2. The implantation chip is just a near urban area in Beijing. When the dog register for dogs in Beijing near Beijing, a small chip will be implanted under the dog's skin when applying for a dog raising certificate. The information of the dog and the owner can also check that your dog has not handled the dog raising certificate and whether there is an annual inspection every year. That chip is like a dog's ID card.

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