1 thought on “How to get dnf pets quickly”

  1. 1. Buy the mall
    The pet egg in the mall, players can get it after buying.
    2, auction house
    has some pet capsules in the auction house. These pet capsules can only be traded once. After buying, you can get the pet here.
    3, gift package
    The summer gift package, players can buy gift packages to get the pet here. The three gift packages of the Spring Festival, May Day, and National Day will also have pets, and players can buy it.
    DNF pets

    Pets can bring things that can be used to increase attention. In addition, the pet itself has taught the owner's various attributes. Release, the skills of the tiger are very good, so many people want to open the tiger.
    The pet system, as an important part of a role in the dungeon, not only adds the function of adding attributes to the character panel, but also has the cool appearance effect of not losing cards on the street.

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